What are Manufacturer Coupons?

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Most people like to find good deals that allow them to get the most for their money. Manufacturer coupons offer deals on various products by giving consumers a certain percentage or flat amount off the purchase price of certain goods or services. There are often restrictions or limitations, but in most cases, these coupons can help people save a good deal of money. Most retailers readily accept manufacturer coupons, because the retailer simply returns the coupons to be reimbursed by the manufacturer.

Perhaps the most common manufacturer coupons are those for groceries. Many food items are offered at a discount or priced lower for sales from week to week. Despite this fact, coupons from manufacturers are also offered, which allows shoppers to spend less on their overall grocery bills as well as allowing them to try new products without paying full price. However, one should note that most manufacturer coupons cannot be used in conjunction with sales prices or other discount offers, rebates, or coupons.

Manufacturer coupons are available in various forms. Instant coupons will allow the discount to be taken off the purchase price immediately at the checkout counter. Other coupons may be peeled or cut from a package to be used for a later purchase. There are also in store coupons as well as many that are found in newspapers and sales flyers and other promotions that arrive in the mail.


You can also find manufacturer coupons online and print them directly from your computer to use for your next purchase of a particular item. In other cases, you can sign up online to receive coupons and other rebates and discounts via regular mail. Rebates and requests for packets of coupons can frequently be processed online as well.

It is generally a good idea to keep manufacturer coupons organized, not only by product but also by expiration date. Doing so will make it easier to ensure that you select the correct package or size and that your coupons have not expired. When you get into the checkout line, you’ll be able to present the right coupons quickly and avoid holding up the line. Another tips is to be sure to watch for double coupon days or coupon swaps at stores near you. Many people are surprised by the availability of manufacturer coupons as well as the amount of money they are able to save by simply shaving off a few cents or a few dollars here and there.


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You say "However, one should note that most manufacturer coupons cannot be used in conjunction with sales prices or other discount offers, rebates, or coupons." But 99% of coupons can be used with sale prices--that is how people who actually use coupons each week save the most money.

The only coupons that are usually not used in conjunction with sales are not manufacturer coupons but store issued coupon (which are in effect just another way to advertise the store's sale prices).

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