What are Management Consulting Services?

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Management consulting services are third-party individuals or organizations that offer information on how to improve a company’s operations. These services can range from accounting, general management, change management, strategy development, supply chain management or other business services. Management consultants typically have an education or professional background in a specific industry, and they have the capability to assess problems and create solutions to improve operational processes.

Consulting services firms can be large or small. Many large firms exist that offer different levels of consulting services primarily to publicly held companies or government operations. Large-scale consulting services employ individuals with copious amounts of expertise. Medium and smaller companies will tend to use an individual management consultant or smaller consulting firm. These firms offer low-cost options to a somewhat expensive business process. Smaller consulting firms still have particular knowledge and expertise in business, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Accounting consulting services focus on a company’s financial and tax planning. This type of management consulting service is commonly offered by public accounting firms. These businesses have licensed accountants educated in setting up financial systems that gather and report financial information in the most logical manner possible. Tax planning services through these firms help companies avoid large tax liabilities, which lowers their operating costs.


General management consulting services can focus on any issues in a business. For example, employee education and training, creating business relationships, negotiating with vendors, and the proper implementation of production methods are common in these management consulting services. General management consulting offers companies the ability to train and educate their current management staff members.

Change management is a common use for management consulting services. Change management is where a company makes significant shifts or alterations in its operations. A management consultant helps analyze the company’s operations and find areas to improve business processes. Management consultants help with this process, as companies may not have the personnel necessary to find and review alternative solutions for business changes.

Supply chain management is the governance over various companies that help deliver a manufacturer’s goods to retail outlets. This process often requires the use of contracts and negotiations with the channel partners that are integral to this business function. Using a management consultant for help in this area allows a company to find new avenues for cost reduction, including completing some of the supply chain tasks in-house, which can result in better quality and shorter lead times.


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