What are Magnetic Earrings?

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At first glance, a person wearing magnetic earrings will probably appear to be wearing regular earrings. These earrings stay in place without the need for piercing because of magnetic force. The earring itself will typically have a small piece of magnet attached to its back and will come with another magnet that can be placed directly behind the front piece of the earring on the other side of the ear. Magnetic earrings may be a preferred option over other types of earrings for people who do not want to get their ears pierced. Many people also prefer these earrings over clip earrings, which tend to become uncomfortable the longer they are worn.

Magnetic earrings are available for sale at most jewelry stores and online, but it can also be very easy for a person to make her own. All that may be needed to make homemade magnetic earrings are two magnets, a glue gun, and the item or piece of jewelry that will become the earring. Making the earrings is typically as simple as using a hot glue gun to glue one magnet onto the back of the piece or pieces of jewelry and allowing it to cool completely. The earrings can then be attached by placing the decorative part on the front of the ear and the magnet behind it on the back of the ear to hold it in place.


In most cases, magnetic earrings stay in place well, but there are still some factors that can contribute to these earrings coming off and getting lost. If a person attempts to attach the earrings to ears that are not completely clean, the excess dirt may lessen the effectiveness of the magnets. Hair products, such as hair spray and styling gel, can melt throughout the day and drip down onto the ears, which might make the magnetic earrings come off. Placing the earrings on clean ears and avoiding excess hair products might help to keep them from coming off.

Some people use magnets to wear body jewelry rather than get body piercings, but this might not always be safe. Jewelry that is held in place by magnets on or near the mouth could be a choking hazard, and this is usually especially dangerous if multiple magnets are swallowed. If someone swallows two small magnets, they will likely attempt to connect to each other inside the body, and this could rupture the intestinal lining. Additionally, people who use magnets to attach a nose ring may be in danger of losing the small piece of magnet attached to the inner part of the nose inside the nasal septum, which might require surgical removal.


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Post 2

@rundocuri- Thank you for the tip. I was thinking about trying magnetic earrings, but I too have sensitive skin. I will be cautious when I give this type of jewelry a try.

I have found that cortisone cream is very helpful for these types of allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to developing skin allergies, keeping this type of treatment on hand is a must. It can easily be applied to the earlobes, too.

Post 1

I have worn magnetic earrings, and while they look nice, they can cause problems. I developed an allergic reaction from wearing them that caused my earlobes to become red, itchy, and irritated. I think that there was possibly nickel in the earrings, which I am allergic to.

I would advice anyone who has sensitive skin or who is prone to allergic reactions to be careful when wearing magnetic earrings. Wear them for short periods of time at first, and check your earlobes frequently while wearing them. These steps will prevent a major allergic reaction from contents of the metal.

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