What are Magnetic Curtains?

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Magnetic curtains are an option for window treatments that are capable of producing some eye-catching results. Embedded in the material of the curtain panels are small circular magnets. The presence of the magnets make it possible to create a series of folds and arrangement of the panels that will remain in place until the homeowner chooses to rearrange them.

One of the benefits of magnetic curtains is that once in place, there is never any worry about the design for the window treatment working itself out of place. This is not always the case with window treatments that are secured with drapery hooks, tiebacks, and other methods. Magnetic window treatments will remain in place even when the window is opened to catch a stiff breeze.

The strategic placement of the magnets in the curtains makes it possible to create a treatment that is as simple or as complex as the designer wishes. By trying out various draping and bunching methods and allowing the magnets to hold the material in place, it is possible to create a frilly effect that is ideal for a more fun treatment. At the same time, a more formal look with panels arranged into precise folds and pleating can be achieved.


When it comes to caring for magnetic curtains, the panels tend to follow the same cleaning instructions as any other type of window panels. This means the panels can be lightly vacuumed with a hand vacuum or attachment. Deeper cleaning methods will depend on the fabric used in the panels. This means that hand washing, machine washing on a gentle cycle, or dry cleaning may be in order. Check the instructions included with the panels for details on proper care and maintenance procedures.

Magnetic curtains will cost a little more than many other types of drapery materials, but in terms of achieving a great look for less, the difference in cost is often offset by the need for less hardware and accessories to achieve the same effect. With a wide range of choices in material and patterns, magnetic curtains are definitely worth considering.


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