What are Lysine Side Effects?

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Lysine is an essential amino acid. The body needs it in order to absorb calcium and maintain healthy hormone, enzyme, and antibody levels. As with most nutrients, if too much builds up in the body, it can cause side effects. Lysine side effects include stomach pain, diarrhea, and sometimes kidney trouble. Since lysine helps the body absorb calcium, too much lysine can lead to hypocalcaemia, or too much calcium in the body.

The body cannot produce lysine on its own. Lysine must be taken in through the diet. Fish and meat are natural sources of lysine. Dairy, legumes, and brewer's yeast also contain the amino acid. Most people get enough lysine through their regular diet to keep their bodies functioning normally. Dietary doses do not cause any known lysine side effects.

Lysine can be used to treat and prevent cold sores. Cold sores are sores on or near the mouth caused by the virus herpes simplex labialis. Pill form lysine can be bought over the counter at most drug stores. Lysine also comes as a topical cream for application directly onto the cold sore. Some people suffer side effects from lysine even when taken in proscribed doses. Side effects, however are most common if dosing regimens are not followed correctly.


Few studies have been done to discover if lysine is harmful to fetuses and nursing babies. For this reason, women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid using lysine except under a doctor’s supervision. Some preliminary studies have suggested that lysine may contribute to kidney disease. Patients with a history of or predisposition to kidney disease should talk to their doctor before using lysine.

The link to kidney disease may come from another of the lysine side effects. Lysine helps the body to absorb calcium. If the body has too much lysine, it may also absorb too much calcium. Symptoms of hypocalcaemia include kidney pain, nausea, and vomiting. Irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, and depression are also possible side effects.

Lysine is sometimes also used as a weight-lifting or body-building supplement. One of the good lysine side effects is more efficient creation of muscle protein. All the same negative side effects apply to lysine as a weight-lifting supplement as to lysine as a treatment for cold sores. Body builders should be especially sure that they never take more than 15 grams of lysine, as overconsumption can cause serious side effects.


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Post 3

Epsom Salts will disperse kidney stones, taken first thing in the morning, two teaspoons in a glass of water for a week and no more. Magnesium sulphate will dissolve calcium stones in about three hours. I've detoxed my kidneys in this way and have not had a migraine since.

I've also dissolved salivary stones with Magnesium Sulphate. Make up one glass and swirl round your mouth lots of times and spit, until the glass is empty. The Magnesium will cause the salivary stones to fizz as they melt. (Low levels of saliva are implicated in tooth decay.) All my stones were as a result of giving up cow's milk three months ago. I take Lysine now for improved immunity and calcium absorption.

Post 2

You just need to drink a lot of water when taking Lysine, and taking it with a meal does not hurt the other amino acids. Stay hydrated and flush your system with water and you will be fine.

I take Lysine to prevent herpes on my lips and etc. and it works 100 percent. The pills are so big and I hate taking the pills for fear that I may choke, and they are bitter, so you can't chew them. Otherwise, take it once a day with plenty of water. Stay away from a lot of salt as well.

Post 1

I suffer from shingles, but a family member told me to take Lysine and B12 to stop flare ups. I started taking the supplements and haven't had a flare up in two years. However, for six months I have had increasing kidney pain.

I never knew the link between Lysine and kidney troubles until this article. I am going to immediately stop taking Lysine and do more research. Thank you!

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