What are Lower Abs?

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The term lower abs refers to the lower part of the abdominal muscle group. Technically, the lower abs consists of the transverse abdominus and the rectus abdominus. Not only is it a good idea to find exercises that target the lower abs in order to gain a flat abdominal area, but it's also wise to work this portion of the abs in order to maintain excellent health.

There are many health benefits associated with strong abdominal muscles. In particular, strong lower abs help a person to maintain stability, create a vast amount of core strength, and help to support the back. When abdominal muscles are strengthened on a regular basis, back strain will become greatly reduced. Thus, it is crucial that all parts of the abdominal muscles be exercised frequently.

As compared to other abdominal muscles, the lower abs are particularly hard to isolate. In order to effectively work these muscles, various exercises can be performed. One of the simplest ways to target the lower abs is to concentrate on contracting the lower ab muscles. By contracting and relaxing these muscles, it is possible to strengthen the lower ab area. This exercise can be done while laying on the floor or while sitting in a chair.


Alternately, leg exercises can be used in order to strengthen the lower abdominal area. By raising one leg at a time and lowering that leg until it almost touches the floor, the lower abs will be utilized. In fact, targeting the lower abdominal muscles by completing a series of leg lifts is one of the most effective ways of contracting this muscle group.

While many people often concentrate on strengthening the mid-abdominal area, the only way to gain a truly flat stomach is to exercise each area of the abdominal muscles individually. The best way to go about this task is to design a complete abdominal workout that consists of exercising each section of the abdominal area. People who manage to strengthen all parts of the abdominal muscles will often gain the desired "six pack" look.

The abdominal muscles can be exercised at least three times per week. Some exercise professionals believe that this section of the body can be exercised every day, since the abdominal muscles are incredibly resilient. Still, as with any other kind of exercise, it is important to seek the guidance of a professional trainer prior to beginning any strenuous abdominal workout.


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