What Are Lemon Muffins?

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Lemon muffins are baked breads that have soft, moist interiors and firm outer crusts. They usually are a pale yellow color inside and golden brown on the outside. These muffins have a light lemon flavor, which is slightly tart and sweet.

Muffins resemble cupcakes have a puffed, rounded top and a cylindrical base, which is sometimes encased in a paper or foil cup. Lemon muffins get their shape when the dough is placed in a muffin cup or a muffin pan and baked. As the dough cooks, it rises and develops the outer crust, which helps preserve their muffin shape after they are removed from the oven.

Lemon muffins are made primarily from the same ingredients used to make other muffins. The main ingredients are sugar, shortening, eggs, baking powder and wheat flour. Additional ingredients such as lemon juice and zest add the lemon flavor to these muffins.

The cook will occasionally make a sugary, lemon flavored syrup for the muffins. After the muffins are baked, holes are poked into their tops using a fork, and the syrup is poured into it. This syrup is absorbed by the bread, infusing it with added moisture and flavor. The muffins are set aside to allow the syrup to congeal before eating.


Muffins can be made from scratch, made from a boxed muffin mixes or purchased from stores or bakeries. Muffin mixes and most muffins that are sold in stores have a preservative added to keep the baked good from going stale. When making muffins at home, the average cook should be prepared to eat these goods within a couple of days. To keep them longer, muffins can be placed in a tightly sealed plastic container, covered with wax paper and placed in a refrigerator.

Lemon muffins can be eaten warm from the oven, at room temperature or reheated in the microwave. To reheat a lemon muffin, one should remove the aluminum foil cup, if needed, and wrap the muffin in a paper towel. The wrapped muffin should be placed in the microwave and heated at intervals of 10 seconds until it is warm.


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