What are Lawn Aerator Sandals?

Malcolm Tatum

Lawn aerator sandals are a type of footwear used to break through sections of compacted soil in the lawn and also reduce the incidence of thatching. Rather than relying on some type of gas powered or electronic device, these lawn aerators are powered by the movement of the individual wearing the sandals. As the person wearing the lawn aerator sandals walks around the lawn, the grass and soil is easily and naturally loosened and allowed to aerate.

Aeration can help reduce the need to dethatch the lawn frequently.
Aeration can help reduce the need to dethatch the lawn frequently.

The design of a lawn aerator sandal is very simple. Equipped with a series of spikes on the bottom of the sole of the device, the sandals are held in position with a strap over the instep of each foot. A heel guard helps to hold the heel of the foot in place. The spikes are usually constructed with steel or some similar metal and tend to be anywhere from one to two inches in length. For the body of the sandal, it is not unusual to also use a metal sole coupled with some type of plastic upper body.

Aeration can help an unhealthy lawn.
Aeration can help an unhealthy lawn.

In general, people do not wear the lawn aerator sandals on bare feet. It is usually recommended to wear a pair of comfortable shoes and strap the sandals over the instep of the shoe. This helps to minimize the strap of the sandals from rubbing on the bare skin of the foot. Wearing a shoe also provides some degree of cushioning between the bottom of the feet and the metal body of the sandal.

Using lawn aerator sandals is a simple process. After donning the sandals, the individual begins to walk around the lawn, taking care to step lightly but firmly on any problem areas where the soil seems to be especially compacted and is inhibiting the growth of the grass. The steel spikes are pointed enough to break up the dirt with no more pressure required than simply walking around the area. Contrary to some opinions, it is normally not necessary to stomp around the yard while wearing the lawn aerator sandals. Simply walking around at a steady pace is usually sufficient to handle most aeration problems.

There are several advantages associated with utilizing lawn aerator sandals in place of more sophisticated aerating equipment. First, the sandals are relatively inexpensive, making them cost effective and easy to fit into just about any budget. In addition, sandals require no real maintenance other than a simple cleaning from time to time.

Another benefit of lawn aerator sandals has to do with the low cost associated with usage. There are no moving parts to break down and require replacing. At the same time, there is no need for any type of power source or fuel in order to use the sandals. All that is required is a little time and effort on the part of the wearer.

One final advantage to lawn aerator sandals has to do with the health benefits. Far too many people do not engage in regular exercise. Since the movement of the wearer powers the sandals, it is possible to enjoy twenty to thirty minutes of brisk walking around the lawn. This in effect accomplishes two purposes at once: aerating the lawn and also ensuring the individual engaged in an equitable amount of light exercise for the day.

A lawn.
A lawn.

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