What are Latex Foam Pillows?

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Latex foam pillows have gained more public attention in recent years as a good option when purchasing bed sheets, bed covers, mattresses, and pillows. The pillows may be made of either natural latex or synthetic latex.

Natural latex is found in rubber trees based in warm climates such as Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South America. It is made of bio-degradeable ingredients which helps the environment. Once the milky sap has been extracted from the rubber tree, whipped, and baked it can be used in latex products such as beds, gloves, and pillows. Synthetic latex combines styrene and butadiene to make a strong combination for a latex product and provide greater support. Many people prefer the natural latex foam pillows compared to the synthetic latex pillows.

Some benefits of using latex foam pillows include natural alignment, breathability, dust mite resistance, anti-microbial factors, and longer lasting. These pillows provide a maximum level of comfort for the head and neck areas to keep the body in place and decrease the level of chronic headaches, shoulder strain, and tightness in the neck. This allows a sleeping individual to maintain his/her relaxed position during the night which allows for a deeper sleep throughout the night.


By being breathable, these pillows remain cool during the summer and warm during the winter so the body's temperature does not experience discomfort based on weather patterns. These pillows, combined with a mattress, allows the body to maintain a core temperature during the sleep cycle and allow the person to awake refreshed.

Dust mite resistance and anti-microbial properties appeal to individuals with chronic allergies. Allergy sufferers maintain a higher level of comfort when using the pillows and do not have to worry about washing them weekly to control allergy symptoms.

Latex foam pillows are long lasting since they do not wear down or become lumpy with excessive use as found with traditional pillows. The pillows cost more initially, but do not have to be replaced constantly over the years so the foam pillows become cost-effective.

Some latex foam pillows are made with thick pieces of foam and others contain shredded latex which allows more spring in the pillow. The pillows are made for twin, full, and queen bedroom sets like standard pillows. The pillows may be purchased at retail stores, specialty stores, and online retailers where bedsheets, mattresses, and standard pillows are sold. It is a good idea to purchase the pillows locally to test the comfort level before making a final purchase.


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Post 3

@cloudel – Unfortunately, a really high quality latex foam pillow can run you as much as a two-inch mattress topper. Like other memory foam products, though, you have a choice in degree of thickness.

Personally, I am fine with my $40 latex foam pillow. It conforms to the shape of my head and neck like it is supposed to, and I get restful sleep with it every night.

Some people, like my husband, have to have the best, so he paid over $100 for his. It is thicker and slightly more comfortable, but I can't see paying that much for one pillow.

Post 2

I have been considering getting a latex foam bed pillow, but I have always heard that they are expensive. Can anyone tell me how much I can expect to pay for one?

I haven't looked in any stores yet, so I'm not sure what to expect. I tried one of these pillows at a friend's house, and it was unbelievably comfortable. I slept better that night than I have in years at home.

I know that memory foam mattress toppers cost around $100, depending on the thickness. I would think that a pillow would be cheaper than this, since it is smaller and less material was used to make it.

Post 1

My husband and I have a memory foam mattress and latex foam pillows, and we sleep so soundly every night. We spent years on a lumpy spring mattress and flat pillows, so we can really appreciate the vast difference that foam has made in the quality of our sleep.

We both used to get cramps in our necks often. When you sleep in a funny position on your pillow, it affects your neck for the rest of the day.

The latex foam pillows we have now cradle our heads wonderfully. Neither of us have those cramps anymore.

The pillows, combined with the mattress, make us want to sleep in every day. The only down side is that we have more trouble waking up!

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