What are Knee Bands?

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Knee bands are simple devices that are used to provide the knee area with additional support. The bands are sometimes employed as part of the healing process after an injury. However, they can also be utilized as a preventive measure, especially when engaging in activities that place a great deal of stress on the knee joint.

In appearance, most knee bands are made to slide easily over the foot, up the leg, and fit snugly around the knee joint. However, there are designs for the knee band that are actually straps. When this is the case, the band is wrapped around the knee joint, then secured using hooks or other methods to hold the band in place. Just about all types of theses protective bands are made from materials that are sturdy but soft to the touch, and can be cleaned by running them through the normal wash cycle on a washing machine. However, some types should not be placed into a dryer; they should be air dried instead.

Athletes often benefit from the use of knee bands. This is especially true of sports where the legs and knees are in motion continually, such as with football, basketball, or even running. Along with offering general knee support, the bands are particularly effective in minimizing the chances of developing knee problems like patella tendinitis, or runner’s kneel this is a condition where the knee joint is inflamed due to the constant motion.


However, you do not have to be a professional athlete in order to benefit from wearing knee bands. People who suffer with different orthopedic conditions often find that wearing the bands helps to minimize pain when walking. The compression action of the bands not only helps to prevent outside stress on the knee, but also can help to prevent the knee joint from slipping out of line, which can also add to the pain.

Purchasing knee bands is easy to manage. For the most part, the bands are relatively inexpensive, and tend to last for some time. Many sporting goods stores carry bands that are ideal for use when running or engaging in different types of sports. Most are manufactured as one size fits all products, so there is no need to be concerned about selecting the wrong size. In addition to sporting goods stores, some medical supply stores and pharmacies offer the bands for sale. There are also a number of online retail outlets that can allow you to find bands made with different materials and in different colors.


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