What Are Keratin Hair Extensions?

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Keratin hair extensions are long-lasting hair extensions that are attached to existing hair. The end of the hair extension is dipped in a clear, keratin-based adhesive. Depending on the amount of keratin used, the extensions can be attached by glue, clips, or thermal fusion. They are one of the most popular types of hair extensions and the kind most often used for celebrity hair extensions. The extensions last for months, much longer than other varieties of hair extensions.

In mammals, hair and nails contain the protein, keratin. A keratin-based adhesive forms a long-lasting bond with human hair, and most keratin hair extensions can last up to three or four months before needing to be replaced or re-bonded. A “super-keratin” protein adhesive is used for top-quality hair extensions and can last up to seven months. These extensions are applied strand-by-strand instead of in small bunches and are often used for celebrity hair extensions.


A heat wand designed especially for the hair extension process is used to apply keratin hair extensions. A small bunch of hair, held together by a bit of keratin adhesive, is fused to the wearer’s natural hair, creating a seamless bond. The extensions can also be applied using clips or glue, but these methods are not as natural-looking or as long-lasting as thermally fused extensions. The vast majority of keratin hair extensions are made of real human hair, not synthetic hair. This allows the wearer to wash and style the extensions as he or she would his or her own hair.

This type of hair extension can often be removed without the help of a professional. A removal solution can be found at beauty supply stores and is often used to soften the keratin adhesive and release the wearer’s real hair from the hair extension. Extra solution can be used to remove any excess adhesive left in the hair after removing the extensions. Super-keratin extensions can only be removed by a hair care professional.


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@heavanet- Thanks for the advice. I have never had extensions, but I am getting them this year for a special occasion. I didn't realize that there were different types of glue in hair extensions, so this article and your tip are both very helpful.

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If you are going to invest the time and money into hair extensions, keratin bond hair extensions are the best choice. Not only do they last longer, but the keratin bond seems to make your own hair healthier as opposed to causing it to break like some other hair extension clips and glues often do. If you choose this type of hair extensions, just make sure you allow the keratin adhesive to set before you tug or brush your new hairdo.

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