What are Island Cabins?

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Island cabins are rental cabins located on islands, from the sunny South Seas to the islands which dot the network of lakes in Canada. Island cabin rentals are popular among some vacationers, and cabins can also be used for extended stays or permanent residence. Listings of island cabins available for rental are available from vacation companies, cooperative listing organizations, and tourism boards, and people can also seek out rentals by scouring newspaper listings in an area of interest, or simply asking around.

When people hear the word “cabin,” they usually think of a rustic structure with only the most basic of amenities. In fact, island cabins vary widely, from very simple structures designed for fishers and hunters who want a no frills vacation to much more elaborate accommodations which more closely resemble rental homes or villas. Island cabins may have features like open fireplaces, gourmet kitchens, and other luxuries, or they may consist of a single room with no electricity or plumbing.

Islands can be enjoyable to vacation on. They often offer a sense of seclusion, and they also provide a number of recreational opportunities like fishing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, and so forth. Depending on where one travels, it is possible to visit heavily built up islands which cater to the tourism trade, or remote islands with small communities and a slower lifestyle.


Some things to consider when renting an island cabin include where one wishes to vacation, and the kind of activities vacationers would like to engage in. Birdwatchers, for example, might enjoy an island cabin in an area rich with wildlife, with regular bird walks scheduled for visitors. If members of the party have health problems, it is important to think about accessibility to medical services. International travel may require getting immunizations and visas which need to be planned out ahead of time.

Other considerations include necessary amenities, and the level of privacy. Some island cabins are part of clusters of cabins which are very closely together, providing relatively little privacy or insulation from noise. These rentals tend to be cheaper, and they can be great for a big group of people who want to travel together, while other travelers may prefer more remote cabins, which tend to be more expensive. Generally, the more amenities a cabin has to offer, the more costly the rental will be, with some firms or cabin operators offering discounts for extended stays.


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