What are Iron Gates?

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Iron gates can provide a substantial and decorative entryway, usually through a fence. An iron gate can be tipped with spikes for maximum security, or scalloped on top for a more welcoming appearance. Gates can be lavishly embellished with decorative wrought iron designs, or have a simple pattern of vertical iron bars. Many people think a hand-forged wrought iron gate adds a mark of taste and style in a home or public building.

Ornamental wrought iron gates can provide excellent security, while gracing an exterior space with rustic, Old World charm. Iron garden gates are a popular and tasteful addition to outdoor patios, yards and gardens. For a bolder statement, a large driveway gate elegantly announces the style and taste of the occupants. The gates can be securely latched to discourage intruders, or opened wide to welcome visiting guests. An electronic gate operator may be installed for ease of operation.

Iron gates may be hand-forged by a blacksmith, or manufactured in a factory setting. Hand forging requires a great deal of time, dexterity, strength and talent. The blacksmith places pre-formed metal rods in an intense fire, which is further stoked by forcing air through a bellows. Eventually the iron becomes red-hot and pliable, and the smithy then pounds, squeezes, bends and shapes the heated metal into decorative shapes. After the ornate bars are cooled, they are welded into their final form as iron gates.


Hand-forging can be quite costly; the more elaborate the design, the more expensive the piece. Designs for ornamental iron gates can include embellishments known as scrolls, baskets, stampings, spikes and balls. Pre-decorated rods can be purchased by the welder and pieced into a variety of aesthetically pleasing gate designs.

Mass produced gates are often made of a compound known as mild steel, which is a mixture of iron and carbon. It is stronger than pure iron, but not as malleable. Additionally, mild steel gates will usually corrode faster than hand-forged wrought iron. Another option is gates manufactured out of aluminum, but made to look like wrought iron. Aluminum is inexpensive, lightweight and attractive, but not as strong.

Another design of decorative iron gates is the silhouette style. Almost any design can be die-cut from thin aluminum or steel plates, and inserted into the design of the gate so that it is silhouetted against the background. Custom designs are possible with this technique, including text and logos. From hunting scenes to Native American profiles, the silhouette-style iron gate tells a unique and artistic story. A custom design is important to many consumers, and the available choices from today’s iron gate manufacturers can satisfy practically any desire.


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