What are Ionic Minerals?

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Ions are atoms or molecules that have a negative or positive charge because they have either gained or lost an electron, and ionic minerals are minerals made up of such charged particles. Ions are attracted to particles that have the opposite charge, making them more active chemically than non-charged particles. Some people believe that this property makes ionic minerals easier for the human body to absorb because they are negatively charged, while the lining of the stomach is positively charged. Many minerals are essential for the body to function properly, but there have been no scientific studies proving that ionic mineral supplements are better than other mineral supplements. Ionic minerals are usually water soluble and are commonly sold in liquid form.

Several minerals are very important for human health, and are commonly available in various foods as well as in dietary supplements. These are called essential minerals and are divided into two groups: macro minerals and trace minerals. Macro minerals like calcium and sodium are needed by the body in relatively large quantities, while trace minerals like iron and zinc are required in much smaller amounts. It is important to note that some minerals, even some essential minerals, can be toxic if taken in too large quantities.


Both ionic trace minerals and ionic macro minerals are available as supplements, and are commonly sold in liquid form where the ionic minerals have been dissolved in water. Some people believe that these ionic liquid minerals are preferable to regular mineral supplements in pill form, mainly because they are thought to be much more readily absorbed by the digestive system. Proponents also believe that ingesting ionic minerals can have very positive effects on personal health. For example, there are claims that ionic minerals can slow the aging process, help control insulin levels, increase the body's healing capabilities and protect the body from, or even cure, diseases like cancer, lupus and hepatitis C. These claims have not been backed up by scientific research.

Many non-essential minerals like gold, silver and platinum are also available as ionic mineral supplements, but these minerals do not have proven functions in the body. It is advisable to be cautious about ingesting these products, because some of them can be toxic or have serious side effects. Essential minerals are important for human health, and ionic minerals might be beneficial for people with mineral deficiencies, but many of the claims about these minerals have not yet been scientifically proven.


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