What are Interior Wall Fountains?

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Interior wall fountains fill a room with a relaxing splashing sound. Placing a fountain on a wall doesn't take up precious table space, yet still allows you to include a water feature in a living room, bedroom, or even bathroom. The only necessary component of interior wall fountains is moving water, so the rest is up to you.

Interior wall fountains combine a container, water, tiers, and a submersible pump to give you a decorative, peaceful visual accent. They are made from a wide variety of materials to suit every decor. Numerous design possibilities include marble, glass, limestone, plexiglass, copper, steel, and cement. Interior wall fountains can be as small as a lily pad or as large as an entire wall. Most of them produce trickling, rippling sounds, but even that is optional.

All that you need to install interior wall fountains are a source of electricity and sturdy wall studs. Many fountains, such as those made from stone, concrete, or plaster, are very heavy and must be hung securely. Your fountain's pump will need electricity to bring the water from the lowest bowl to the highest waterfall.


Choose an interior wall fountain based on its drama, sound, size, and structural elements. For example, water may cascade down a sheet of chiseled slate and land in a clear, rectangular trough filled with tumbled quartz crystals. A thin tube of light illuminates the play of sheets of water cascading down the textured surface. This modern, classy design would complete a natural stone guest bathroom or a sleek office lobby.

A more organic choice among interior wall fountains might be a series of seashell cups or antique urns that carry the water from tier to tier. Another design for interior wall fountains may include a concrete cast, stained a ruddy amber like aged ceramic. On the final, largest bowl might perch a turtle, caught before it can slide beneath the cool blue.

There really are no limits to the uniqueness or sophistication of interior wall fountains. In bringing the outdoors inside, you are incorporating the natural soothing sounds of a brook or waterfall to harmonize with an often-stressful living space. Some designers that take into account feng shui believe that water features such as fountains help to balance and energize the home.


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