What are Interior Design Samples?

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Interior design samples are samples of products and materials which can be used in interior design. They range from samples of furniture to paint chips. Interior designers usually have access to a wide range of samples and can order more as needed. Individuals who are working on a new interior design scheme can obtain some samples for free, and others for a small fee, by contacting companies which make products of interest.

The discipline of interior design involves arranging interior spaces in a way which is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Designers need to consider the limitations of the space, the needs of the space, and aesthetic preferences. For example, an interior designer decorating a Craftsman home would probably stay away from a Japanese aesthetic, because the aesthetics of the space might clash with the design. Likewise, someone designing a kindergarten classroom would probably not opt for a French Baroque look, with ornate and delicate furniture which would be inappropriate for the space.


Samples are used to determine how things actually look and feel in the space, and to provide clients with options. Fabric swatches may be used to pick fabrics for upholstery, window treatments, and so forth, with consumers getting a chance to feel the fabrics, actually see the colors, and think about how the fabrics would look inside the room where they will be used. Paint chips can be used to select paint colors, while flooring samples ranging from carpeting to tile can be brought into a space to see how they might look and feel. Wallpaper interior design samples and samples of textural treatments for walls are also available, along with samples of wood for trim, brick for fireplaces, countertop materials, and similar products. All of these products are available both to interior designers and to individual consumers, as companies recognize that people want to see how things look before they use them.

Some companies offer endless interior design samples of this type of free. Others may offer a set number for free, and then charge a small fee for additional samples. This fee may simply be a small sum for shipping which will be waived if people pick up interior design samples at a storefront, or it may be a per-sample processing fee.

Larger samples such as furniture, hardware, and so forth are also available. These products are generally only available to interior designers, who may be required to purchase them or to sign a contract with the company which establishes a business relationship. Many interior designers establish a library of samples which can be used with clients. Interior designers can also maintain a showroom which allows people to see different types of design schemes in fully realized form, along with interior design samples, to see if they think these schemes will be right for them and their space.


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