What are Incontinence Panties?

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The involuntary leaking of urine from the blander is called incontinence. Incontinence panties are undergarments that are worn to absorb the urine better than traditional underwear. There are a variety of types and styles that can be purchased. The panties are available at departments stores, medical supply stores, and through specialty companies.

This special undergarment may be referred to as geriatric incontinence panties, however, they are not just for the elderly. Younger women may develop mild to moderate urinary incontinence during pregnancy and just after having a baby. Although the incontinence may improve in time, an incontinence aid may be needed temporarily.

Women who have urinary leakage may need incontinence aids to prevent their clothes from getting soiled. An incontinence pad worn in the underwear is one type of incontinence control. Although pads may absorb the urine and prevent clothes from becoming wet, they may not fit properly.

Another option is incontinence briefs, which are worn like underwear with adjustable tabs on the sides. The briefs can be washed and re-worn. Although briefs are a popular type of incontinence underwear, incontinence panties are more like regular underwear.


Having an incontinence problem can be embarrassing and affect all areas of a person’s life. Finding incontinence control that is dependable, comfortable, and discreet can improve self esteem and prevent worry. One advantage to wearing incontinence panties is that they come in different sizes, so they may be worn by women of all body types. They may be more comfortable and less bulky than an incontinence pad.

There are different types of incontinence panties including styles that have a permanent absorbent pad sewn into them. Another type of garment has a pocket in which a disposable pad can be inserted. The pad is removed, and the underwear is washed normally. A special material that helps pull water way from the body usually lines both styles of panties. The underwear is made of antimicrobial material and fibers that prevent odor.

Panties are available to meet varying absorbency needs. For instance, someone with only mild incontinence would select underwear with light absorbency. Women should also keep in mind that wearing an incontinence panty does not mean they have limited style options. Various styles and sizes of incontinence panties are available including several colors, fabrics, and prints. They may be made of cotton, Lycra®, or lace.


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