What are Huggie Earrings?

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

Huggie earrings refer to earrings made up of small hoops that fit closely around the ear lobes, but are a bit thicker than most standard hoops. It is the thickness of these kinds of earrings that makes them look as though the earrings are "hugging" the ear lobe when they are being worn. In some cases, these earrings are referred to as ear hugger earrings. This term is also used sometimes to describe a kind of earring that is shaped like an abstract human body that is designed to fit around one of the upper exterior folds of the ear so that it looks as though the figure is climbing up the ear. These kinds of earrings can be made out of many different kinds of metals and may be embellished with embedded stones.

Huggie earrings are made up of small hoops that fit closely around the ear lobes.
Huggie earrings are made up of small hoops that fit closely around the ear lobes.

The earrings attach the ears with a post that fits between two halves of the hoop. As huggie earrings fit around the earlobe, they are designed with a hinge that allows the wearer to open and close the earrings in order to put them on and take them off. The hinge is at the bottom of the hoop and faces the wearer's shoulder. This means that the hinge is usually nearly invisible when the earrings are being worn.

One of the benefits of huggie earrings is that they fit closely to the ear lobe and are rather small, but are rather visible because of their thickness. This is useful for people who are concerned about having their earrings catch on something, an event that may lead to ear lobe damage. A person who works with small children or a parent of small children may wear huggie earrings so that even if the child notices and grabs at the earrings, it is less likely that they will be able to grab and pull at them.

More expensive huggie earrings are made out of precious metals such as platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. The most expensive varieties include precious stones such as sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. There are also some fine huggie earrings that are made out of titanium. These earrings may be designed around precious gems. Less expensive earrings are made out of less valuable metals. If they are accented with embellishments, these embellishments may be made out of semi-precious stones, glass, or even plastic.

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

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I'm a guy with pierced ears and I have a difficult time finding the right earrings. The great thing about huggies is that many of the styles are unisex, especially the ones made of stainless steel. They look good on both men and women. So I have more choices with huggies when it comes to picking earrings.


@Raynbow-- I have a round face and wear huggie earrings sometimes. I do agree with you about very wide huggie earrings. Those do have a tendency to make the face look wider. But I always wear small, narrow huggie earring so it's not a problem.

I only wear stud earrings and huggie earrings actually. I don't like dangle earrings at all. I also don't like earrings that are uncomfortable, heavy or get caught on clothing. And I can't wear anything that grabs too much attention when I'm at work. So either stud earring or huggie earrings work best for me. I keep them on all the time but they never bother me. In fact, sometimes I forget that I'm wearing them at all.


I've always admire huggie earrings but had no idea that this is what they're called until now. I have my eyes on a nice pair of gold huggie earrings at the mall. I'm saving up to buy them. I think it's always best to get gold jewelry because they are better quality, durable, last longer and have real value to them. I have sensitive skin too so sometimes I react badly to the metals used in jewelry. I don't have any reactions to gold though.


@heavanet- Since huggie earrings sit close to the ears and the face, they are great for people with long-shaped faces. Because these earrings are short, they don't attract attention to or make a long face look longer like dangling earrings would. Huggie earrings that are sparkly or wide are probably good choices to make your long face appear shorter.

People who have short, round, or square faces may want to avoid huggie earrings. Since they add depth to the center of the face, these earrings have the tendency to make a wide face look wider. On the other hand, hoop or dangle earrings add length to round or square faces.


Does anyone have some tips about the type of face shape that huggie earrings look best with? I have a long face, so I want to choose earrings for a special occasion that compliment my features.

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