What are HSA Eligible Expenses?

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HSA is an acronym commonly used for health spending accounts, which are funds contributed, saved, and redistributed for health-related purposes such as diagnosing and treating medical conditions. Funds from such an account can be used to reimburse a person for costs related to disabilities such as mobility devices and artificial limbs. These monies can be used for routine medical and dental examinations. HSA funds may also be used for purchases of items such as contact lens cleaners, after-sun skincare products, and birth control.

There are some items that may be considered HSA eligible expenses if they are recommended by a medical professional. If a person spends money on those same items or services without a professional recommendation, HSA cannot be used. These include sexual counseling, breast reductions, and exercise equipment to treat a specific medical condition.

It is generally made clear that cosmetic procedures and items are not HSA eligible expenses. This could cause some people to disqualify costs that they believe fall within the cosmetic category but that actually tend to be reimbursable. For example, acne laser treatment and scar treatment both tend to be covered.


There are a wide range of HSA eligible expenses that pertain to disabilities. Artificial limbs are eligible for reimbursement. Items such as hearing aid batteries, telephones for the hearing impaired, and difference in the price between a regular book and a Braille book are usually covered. A person who is handicapped may even use these funds to pay for lessons that teach her how to drive a vehicle that is specially designed or equipped for her condition.

HSA eligible expenses span beyond care and treatment provided by medical professionals. They can also include items that a person may purchase for routine care. These can include adult diapers, contact lens solutions, and contraceptives. These accounts can also be used for expenses that are often controversial, such as abortion procedures and morning after pills.

HSA eligible expenses are not limited to medical costs. These funds may also be used for the reimbursement of dental costs, such as fillings, braces, and cleaning. A person may even use these funds to cover the price of sports injury prevention equipment, such mouth guards.

An account holder’s costs are not the only ones that are reimbursable. The account holder can also use the funds to cover expenses that were incurred by her spouse or dependents. In this sense, qualified dependents are usually any individuals who are recognized as dependents for federal income tax purposes.


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