What Are Hot Rod Kits?

Dan Cavallari

Hot rod kits include all the parts necessary to build a hot rod vehicle from the ground up; in some cases, the kits may include all components, from tires to bodies and engines, or they may only feature certain components like body panels and interiors. Various hot rod kits are available for different types of builds, and a person can buy just a body kit, just an engine kit, just an interior kit, or a kit that includes all of these components and more. The kits will vary according to the model of hot rod being built.

Hot rods have modified engines that are built for power and speed.
Hot rods have modified engines that are built for power and speed.

The price of hot rod kits can vary significantly according to several factors. The type of car being built is perhaps the biggest determining factor of the price of the hot rod kits, though within each model type being built, several trim options are often available to allow the builder to customize the hot rod. The components included in the kit will also have a significant impact on the price, and in some cases, kit manufacturers will allow the customer to dictate what components are included in the kit. This allows a builder on a budget to buy only what he or she needs to complete the project while staying within budget.

Hot rod kits may also include only one particular system for the car. A brake system kit, for example, can be purchased for a specific model of car, or for use on several different cars. Running boards can be purchased to match a historical look of a particular model. Interior kits may include seats and upholstery, as well as gear shifters, gauges and knobs, and so on. Electrical systems can be purchased to make the lights and other electrical systems run properly, and engine kits can be purchased to give a car more power, more efficiency, or simply more aesthetic appeal.

Some hot rod kits come with instructions or DVDs on the build process. This is helpful for beginners who may not have any significant experience in building an automobile. The DVD or instructions will also possibly give the builder a rundown on what specific tools will be necessary to complete the job. Tools are almost never included with hot rod kits and will need to be purchased separately; the cost of tools can be quite significant, so it is important to budget for such purposes or find a place to borrow or rent the tools.

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