What Are Honey Spoons?

Cindy Quarters

Honey spoons are a delicious way to add sweetness to drinks such as hot tea. Some people also use them as individual treats, giving them to children instead of traditional candy. They can be made or purchased and can make an excellent gift item for the do-it-yourself fan who likes to give unusual gifts. Although there are some differences in style, in general honey spoons are dipped in honey that has been cooked in such a way that it will harden when it cools.

Honey can be made into sweets to take the place of sugar- or corn syrup-made candies.
Honey can be made into sweets to take the place of sugar- or corn syrup-made candies.

The main component in honey spoons is honey, but other ingredients are added to the recipe as well. Sugar is usually added, which is necessary in order to be able to get the honey to the crackle stage, the point at which it will harden. A bit of vinegar and some water are also important ingredients. Many people also choose to add a bit of additional flavoring to the recipe, such as lemon essence, cloves or cinnamon, to enhance the natural honey flavor.

Tea lovers may enjoy honey spoons as a gift.
Tea lovers may enjoy honey spoons as a gift.

When making honey spoons, the ingredients are combined in a pan and cooked until a drop of the mixture forms a hard ball when dropped in cold water. This change, which indicates the mixture has reached the crackle stage, ensures that the honey will harden after it cools, which is a requirement for making honey spoons. If the crackle stage isn’t reached, the honey won’t harden and the spoons cannot be stored or transported.

After the mixture has reached this point, the flavoring, if any, is mixed in. The mixture is then allowed to cool for a bit, but not so long that it begins to get hard. Sturdy plastic spoons are most often used at home to make honey spoons, but any kind, including wood or metal, can be used. Commercially-made honey spoons are often a wooden stir-stick set into a spoon-shaped bit of hardened honey. When it cools the honey itself becomes the spoon, and the honey dissolves when the spoon is used, leaving just the stick behind.

The spoons are dipped into the honey mixture so that the lower section is completely covered with honey. These can then be placed on a flat, buttered surface, such as a greased cookie sheet, where they are allowed to cool all of the way. Once the honey spoons have cooled, they are typically individually wrapped for later use. A dozen or more can be placed together in an attractive cup or mug and given as a gift to a tea lover.

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@Grivusangel -- I've made honey spoons as gifts before. I have one friend who absolutely loves honey.

The thing with making honey spoons is that you have to really keep an eye on the honey mixture once it starts to heat. It can burn in a heartbeat, and then you have to throw out the whole batch and start over. You don't want to waste good honey like that!

I try to eat a teaspoon or so of local honey every day. It really does keep me from getting so much hay fever in the spring, since it accustoms my immune system to the local pollens. It works, believe me!


I love honey, and honey spoons are a great idea for adding just the right amount of honey to a cup of tea. Of course, I like them just for the flavor, right off the spoon.

I think the best honey spoons I've had were maple flavored. The maple just complimented the honey so beautifully, and made it a real treat. Those, I could eat by themselves. I like those flavored with orange or lemon in my tea. I've never tried making them, but now I know how easy it is, I might give it a go. They don't sound too complicated.

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