What Are Hip Hop Jeans?

Alex Tree

Baggy, sometimes colorful jeans are referred to as hip hop jeans. They are sometimes worn below the waist or even near the knees. The disadvantages of wearing hip hop jeans are a reduced ability to walk and run, their expense, and the sometimes negative ideas people have of this type of clothing. In fact, some regions of the world, most notably some regions in the United States, have declared wearing baggy or sagging jeans a criminal act. Hip hop shirts, sneakers, and jewelry are other types of hip hop fashion clothing and accessories.

Adidas sneakers were commonly worn with hip hop clothing during the 1980s.
Adidas sneakers were commonly worn with hip hop clothing during the 1980s.

Hip hop jeans are usually somewhat baggy on both men and women. Some hip hop artists and people who admire the style take the bagginess one step further by sagging the pants. Sagging occurs when a person pushes his or her jeans below the waist, sometimes down to the knees or lower. This reveals the person’s underwear, which is often specially chosen to be seen by other people.

Large sunglasses were commonly worn with hip hop clothing during the 1980s.
Large sunglasses were commonly worn with hip hop clothing during the 1980s.

This type of jeans can restrict movement and even cause injury. Hip hop jeans are often baggy and can impede movement by dropping below the ankle and causing a person to trip. Furthermore, very baggy clothing can be difficult to keep comfortably attached to the body and may require extra care. Hip hop clothing is often considered trendy and sold by expensive designer fashion companies, so purchasing this type of jeans can be more expensive than purchasing other jeans. In addition to cost, wearing these jeans can result in being criticized or otherwise singled out by people who distrust those who partake in hip hop fashion.

Hip hop fashion is frequently criticized by the layperson and people in the media. It is sometimes looked down upon as a fashion African Americans encourage, but the truth is that people of many races enjoy hip hop fashion. The popularity of hip hop jeans has fluctuated but remained since its creation in the 1990s.

Other kinds of hip hop clothing and accessories include certain shirts, shorts, and jewelry. For example, flashy jewelry like multiple men’s necklaces can be seen as hip hop jewelry. Hip hop fashion is not just for men, though; many women sport the fashion and wear baggy clothing too. In the early 2000s, however, some women in the hip hop industry started wearing more revealing, less baggy clothing. This movement included half shirts and short shorts, which some people saw as women empowering themselves.

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I attended a large public school, and the dress code wasn't strict at all. Lots of guys wore hip hop jeans, and no one told them to change.

That all changed after one kid fell down the stairs because of his loose jeans. The bell had just rung, and the stairs were packed with kids. Someone accidentally stepped on the kid's jeans, and he fell forward, causing several other kids in front of him to fall, as well.

There were several injuries, and the school saw the need to ban hip hop jeans. These made up a big part of many kids' wardrobes, so many parents weren't too happy about having to buy them new clothes.


Not all hip hop jeans have to be worn so low. Just having the loose material in the legs that bags up a bit around the calves is hip hop style, too.

My boyfriend wears his jeans like this. They are a little bit low-rise, but they cover his rear.

I like the loose fit, because it looks really cool and comfortable. He likes the fact that he can still run while wearing them if need be without worrying about injuring himself.

Most baggy jeans like this look faded and a little worn before you buy them. That adds to the laid-back vibe.


@orangey03 – Being who I am and using my clothing to reflect that is everything to me. I don't care if I break a limb or two. I refuse to conform to a culture that I don't belong to, even in my choice of clothing.

I wear hip hop jeans because people will instantly recognize my personality and my background when they see me in them. If I were to walk around wearing trousers or even boot leg jeans, I would feel fake, and I would be displaying a false persona.

If people are wearing hip hop jeans just to be stylish, and they have no ties to the hip hop world, then they probably should wear something safer. If they are sporting them because its who they are, then I get that.


I think that hip hop shorts are better than hip hop jeans. A woman would not fall down because of shorts, and the worst she could get is whistled at by men.

I understand why people wear hip hop jeans. I get that being part of a culture that you identify with is important.

However, I agree with the article that safety is a huge issue. People have to think about this before buying these expensive jeans. Is fitting in with a certain style worth breaking your leg or having a concussion?

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