What are Hip Hop Classes?

G. Wiesen

Hip hop classes are specific types of dance classes that use hip hop music to establish the rhythm and pace of the routine. The choice of hip hop music also typically indicates the type of dances that will be performed during the class. Though they may vary widely, there is still usually a certain hip hop aesthetic to them. These classes can be taken purely for enjoyment, as a way for someone to further his or her experience with professional dancing, or as a form of exercise and physical workout. Hip hop classes are typically offered at exercise and fitness clubs, professional dance studios, and can even be provided in video form for home enjoyment.

Some hip hop classes are offered at gyms as a form of exercise.
Some hip hop classes are offered at gyms as a form of exercise.

There are many different types of dances, and often they are paired with particular types of music. The music will usually provide the proper rhythm and pacing for the dances. For example, swing dancing would be rather difficult when paired with heavy metal music. Hip hop dancing is often seen in many dance clubs, as well as music videos and even major motion pictures. This type of dancing, with many variations, specific forms, and common movements, can be learned by attending hip hop classes.

Someone interested in hip hop dancing might take a class before going to clubs.
Someone interested in hip hop dancing might take a class before going to clubs.

Hip hop classes are typically taught by professional dancers or dance instructors, and though private instruction may sometimes be available, large group classes are more common. These classes teach different styles of hip hop dance and moves, usually with a focus on modern moves that are popular in clubs and dance communities. The nature of most hip hop dancing is very physical, and hip hop classes are often offered and taken as a form of workout or exercise routine that is meant to be fun while providing excellent fitness training.

While most hip hop classes are taken at a location such as a fitness club or dance studio, some instructors have released programs for hip hop dance and exercise for video sale. These videos often come in sets consisting of multiple routines, often with different expected skill levels, allowing a user to develop his or her abilities naturally and build up to more complex routines. Even some Internet websites provide video clips for download or viewing that feature instructors teaching hip hop classes, allowing wider audiences to enjoy these types of programs. These sites and videos are typically advertised or offered more as workout routines than for professional dancers, as dancers are more likely to attend a class with an instructor.

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