What Are Hiking Clubs?

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Hiking clubs are organizations where several people get together for outdoor excursions on foot. This will typically include hikes and cross-country walking through wilderness or mountain terrain. Most hiking clubs will have experienced guides to lead the hiking trails and to offer guidance. Some hiking clubs are created for students, while others are for senior citizens. Most hiking clubs will feature scheduled events at various locations.

A hiking club is generally designed for people who love physical activity in the outdoors. In most cases, there will be an annual membership fee to join. Memberships may offer free rentals for hiking gear and exclusive party invitations. Joining a hiking club also lets hikers meet other people with similar interests.

In some cases, hiking clubs may incorporate camping as well. Long-distance, multi-day hiking excursions may require club members to make camp along the way. At other times, club members may check into a hotel overnight.

Not all hiking clubs have the same activities, although most hold the same objectives. The main objective of a hiking club is to help people enjoy activities in natural environments, while achieving the benefits of physical fitness. Some clubs hold monthly meetings and communicate through email. Other clubs organize members through regularly scheduled hiking trips.


Annual trips may be organized through hiking clubs as well. To meet the expense of such trips, group members may organize fundraising events. In other cases, members may save money throughout the year in what is called a group pool.

Many hiking enthusiasts choose to join a hiking club for safety. Hiking with a group rather than going alone can provide security in the event of an accident or illness in the wilderness. It's helpful to hike with others who share hiking skills and knowledge.

Hiking clubs are not only for created for adults. Clubs designed for outdoor activities and hiking are often organized for children and teenagers. Some of these clubs are organized through public schools and churches. Additionally, group hiking for families have become a popular pastime.

Family hiking groups can be a good way to promote family togetherness. Family hiking activities can be an alternative to a traditional family vacation. Some families book their vacations through such organizations and participate in cross-country tours for the summer. In many cases, this type of tour will require hotel reservations, as well as camping tents and equipment.


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