What are High Intensity Lamps?

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High intensity lamps are lighting devices that work a little differently from standard lamps. A high intensity lamp functions by running electrical current though metal vapor in order to create a superior lighting effect. High intensity lighting is utilized in a number of public buildings, and is growing in popularity in residential settings as well.

There are several advantages to the use of high intensity lamps. One of the most desirable is the increased output of light that is achieved from a single lamp. Some forms of the high intensity light bulb are reputed to provide three times the output of a halogen lamp, while configured with only a third of the wattage. This characteristic makes it possible for the consumer to not only enjoy a more efficient output of light, but also to save money on lighting costs.

Along with the increased efficiency and output, high intensity lamps also are understood to produce a white light that is more like natural lighting. This is different from some other forms of lighting, which often provide an output that is slightly yellowed in hue. The superior production of light that approximates natural sunlight makes the use of high intensity lamps an excellent choice in offices, as well as in entertainment facilities.


A third advantage of high intensity lamps is the longer service life that is normally associated with the product. Many manufacturers of high intensity lamps claim that their products will easily last three to five times as long as the standard halogen lamp. In terms of saving time and resources on replacement of the bulbs, this attribute would easily make the use of high intensity lighting much more cost efficient than any other type of artificial lighting.

High intensity lamps can be purchased at a number of retail outlets, including construction and building centers, home stores, and even some discount retail stores. While initially costing more than other forms of lighting, high intensity lamps begin paying for themselves immediately, and often recover that initial cost within a very short period of time.


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