What Are Herbal Eye Drops?

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Herbal eye drops are made from herbal ingredients such as plant extracts. People use this type of eye drop to treat a variety of conditions affecting the eyes, including dry eyes, glaucoma, as well as other conditions that cause inflammation or redness. In addition, there are many conditions that the herbal eye drops can treat. Some people have found success when using these eye drops for allergies and even the common cold. Typically, people find these eye drops over the counter rather than as a prescription.

Most herbal eye drops are considered safe for use on adults as well as children. They are often considered as an alternative to prescription eye drops because of the natural ingredients. Some people who suffer from various eye conditions find that they have severe side effects from using prescription eye drops. These patients typically opt to try the herbal eye drops because they are not made from harsh chemicals, which tend to cut back on the severity of any side effects. Anyone who is interested in using herbal eye drops is normally encouraged to get a physician's approval before beginning a treatment plan.


Natural eye drops can work to help people who suffer from dry eyes by working on reducing the inflammation and easing the redness and pain associated with the condition. Many herbs, such as Belladonna and Euphrasia, work to decrease the inflammation and redness without the harmful side effects found in many of the prescription eye drops on the market. Dry eyes are typically a chronic condition, and to keep users comfortable, many herbal eye drops allow multiple drops to be administered into the eyes safely. Using some prescription eye drops can limit the amount of drops that can be used per day because of the chemicals used, leaving some sufferers in the lurch.

Many people use herbal eye drops if they have allergies or even if they have a common cold. These drops can help relieve temporary inflammation, redness, and itchiness that can be associated with these conditions. These symptoms can be safely managed with natural eye drops, and a number of people choose this remedy instead of over-the-counter eye drops as a safe solution. Some people use medical eye drops for these conditions, but for temporary conditions like allergies and the common cold, natural drops can be a bit less abrasive.


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