What are Herbal Body Wraps?

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In the realm of natural health and wellness treatments, herbal body wraps are a therapeutic alternative to weight loss methods and plastic surgery. Herbal body wraps provide a natural way to remove toxins from the human body and restore tone to the skin in a very relaxing way. Herbal body wraps create a cocoon of soothing herbs around the body which often results in a more healthful feeling, soft skin and a reduction of fat or cellulite.

Herbal body wraps are carefully prepared by experienced natural practitioners or masseuses in a relaxed private setting. The herbal body wrap recipe most often used includes natural ingredients such as clay, essential oils sea salt and ground herbs. The body wrap may also include other more exotic ingredients like seaweed, rare flowers or even foods like chocolate.

To prepare the herbal body wrap, the natural ingredients are wetted and mixed together into a paste and warmed to a comfortable temperature. Then the ingredients of the herbal wrap are spread out on either a large piece of cloth or plastic sheeting, or sometimes directly applied to the entire body of the person being treated. Then the body is wrapped from neckline to toes in this cloth or plastic wrapping to create a snug yet soothing feeling.


Generally an herbal body wrap is accompanied by some type of gentle massage, sound, steam, or aromatherapy. The wrap stays in place on the body for a period of between twenty minutes to an hour, to provide the maximum benefits. This is considered a very relaxing treatment that soothes the body and mind of the person being treated.

Once herbal body wraps start to activate, the therapeutic benefits of the herbs, oils and other ingredients can be experienced fully. Then after the allowed amount of time, the body wrap is gently peeled away from the body and discarded. The herbal body wrap is generally followed by a soothing shower or bath to help remove any remaining toxins and further invigorate and tone the skin.

Herbal body wraps and herbal therapy recipes can also be prepared for personal use at home. There are herbal body wrap kits available for purchase in health and wellness stores. Then the herbal body wrap can be prepared and applied to certain parts of the body that are troublesome or need toning. An herbal body wrap can be used as often as needed to obtain the desired results or to aid in relaxation during a stressful time.

The general effects of an herbal body wrap are a feeling of relaxation, well-being and a noticeable change in the appearance of loose skin. Oftentimes, the body feels slimmer and the skin is more toned and smooth; an alternative to more costly and painful plastic surgery or diet plans. With an herbal body wrap, these results last for a short period of time, but can be repeated safely anytime.


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