What Are Health Affirmations?

Alicia Sparks

Health affirmations are positive, concise declarations about an individual’s health. Often, such affirmations are about a person’s physical health, though they can also be about his emotional, spiritual, or mental health. The idea behind affirmations is similar to that of the power of positive thinking. Thus, people who use health affirmations do so for purposes of maintaining or improving health. People who use affirmations may do so on their own or they may follow some sort of teaching, religious, or spiritual method.

Health affirmations are thought to aid an individual in improving his or her health.
Health affirmations are thought to aid an individual in improving his or her health.

Affirmations are declarations that something is true. These truths are more often positive than negative, though by definition there is no one individual class of affirmations. Generally, health affirmations are statements declaring something positive about the individual’s health. Often, health affirmations are related to physical health, but there are various types of affirmations and health affirmations can refer to mental, emotional, and spiritual health, too. Sometimes, an individual affirmation will refer to more than one kind of health.

Prayer can aid in health affirmations.
Prayer can aid in health affirmations.

Generally, affirmations are succinct statements that begin with “I” or “My” to represent the speaker. For example, “I am full of energy” and “My body heals quickly” are illustrations of concise, speaker-centric health affirmations. Some affirmations focus on more specific, positive actions. “I drink plenty of water every day” and “My body always receives nutritious food” are examples of affirmations that tell a truth using visual or tangible cases. Examples of affirmations that deal with other kinds of health include “My spirit is light and free” and “My mind is full of happy thoughts.”

People use daily affirmations for a variety of reasons, though the base motive usually is to draw the positive truths to themselves. This is where the idea of the power of positive thinking comes into play. In other words, many people believe saying daily health affirmations can help them keep good health or reach better health. Sometimes, the affirmations are more like healing affirmations. People use them to heal their bodies, minds, or spirits of some affliction.

There are several ways people can learn more about health affirmations. Some spiritual and religious groups employ affirmations, as do some groups that practice certain exercises like meditation. Therapists or even medical doctors might teach their patients about affirmations. People might join self-help groups, check out books, or even visit websites that teach affirmations and how to properly use them. The frequencies people use affirmations can vary from method to method, and person to person.

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