What are Healing Words?

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Healing words, typically associated with a religion or philosophy of thought, include prayers and specific words or phrases thought to bring about spiritual peace, spiritual enlightenment, or a sense of calm and relaxation. Prayers and religious chants are the most well-known healing words. They ask for spiritual guidance and healing either for a physical, mental, or emotional ailment. Healing words can extend beyond this, however, and include meditations or chants a person uses to calm herself. The meaning may have religious or philosophical connections, but it can also be a phrase that holds personal meaning for the individual and helps her focus on inner peace and life goals.

Prayer and religious chanting traces its history back to ancient cultures. At some point or another, most cultures formed a belief system with special ritualistic chants performed by groups or a person. Healing words were chants used to bless or heal someone and wish good fortune on him. Today's religions, such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, all use prayer to ask for help, healing, and guidance.

Non-religious healing words range from meditations and healing affirmations to healing mantras. Meditation and affirmations focus on the individual and center on the idea of self-healing. In self-healing, the main focus is a positive and healthy mindset to help relieve stress and boost the body's own natural defenses used for fighting off diseases and depression.


Mantras hold a stronger philosophical origin than meditations or self-healing. Mantras originated in India during the early formation of what would eventually become Hinduism. Mantras could be anything from a single sound to an entire quote recited to bring about a spiritual transformation. The name of a god in a certain religion or a phrase associated with peace and nature are common mantras repeated through chanting, singing, or regular speech to encourage a calm mind and an enlightened soul.

For some, healing words are associated with a larger group, such as a church. Others find personal meaning in their healing words and may make up their own phrases, which hold comfort for them. In meditation, the person is encouraged to come up with a word or phrase, such as "calm and relaxed," that he can repeat either out loud or in his mind to alleviate anxiety and stress of his day-to-day life.


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