What are Healing Stones?

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Used by the ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures to cleanse and release negative energy, the use of gemstones and crystals as healing stones dates back at least 5,000 years, according to many historians. Many people who practice alternative medicine believe that natural semiprecious gemstones such as jade, turquoise, quartz, amber and tiger’s eye have specific healing properties and vibrations that coordinate with the different chakras, or energy centers, in a person’s aura, the invisible energy field that surrounds the body. When the healing stone is placed in the vicinity of the affected part of the body, it can assist and change the body’s vibration.

Many people use healing stones in ceremonies or wear the stones on a regular basis because they believe the stones can help keep them balanced and protected. Some holistic healers say that a healing stone has to be worn directly on the skin and must actually be touching the skin, but others think it is OK to have the stone in a silver setting. The position of the stone also can be important in the healing process. For example, a person who needs his heart chakra cleaned would wear the stone over his chest, rather than around his throat.


Each gemstone or crystal is believed to have specific healing effects, because each has its own unique color, chakra correlation and properties. For example, green jade is believed to have the same vibration as the throat chakra and can help with mental discipline and wisdom and can protect the wearer from harm. Turquoise is commonly found in shades of green and blue and is associated with the throat chakra as well. It is said to help calm the mind, assist with communication and help with the wearer’s immunity.

Quartz crystals are very popular healing stones, because their vibrations are believed to heal all seven chakras. They come in many colors, and pink rose quartz has the universal meaning of love. Amber, a clear yellow stone that is correlated with the solar plexus chakra, is believed to aid in vitality and pain absorption. It also is believed to be a very powerful healer and to bring the wearer good luck. Tiger’s eye also is associated with the solar plexus chakra and is said to be the stone of self-discipline and business.

There are many healing stones believed to have metaphysical healing abilities and properties, and there are plenty of resources to learn more about them. Some healing stones, such as tiger’s eye, are thought to be better luck when received as a gift than when a person buys them for himself or herself. Some healing stones that can be purchased are artificial and dyed, so a person should trust the seller before buying them.


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