What are Healing Cards?

Dee S.
Dee S.

Healing cards are illustrated cards that typically contain healing words or messages. They often are designed to help people overcome illnesses. In addition, they are used by some people to work past psychological issues revolving around loss, loneliness, or grief. In some cases, they may include positive messages that are geared to heal someone on a physical and mental level. In other cases, the messages on the healing cards may be negative, so that the user is forced to deal with old memories and heal by reflecting on those memories.

Healing cards often deal with general concerns, such as grief.
Healing cards often deal with general concerns, such as grief.

There are many different types of healing cards available. For example, they may be physical cards that are designed to help a person become cured of a specific illness. The healing messages on the cards are often some form of positive message. For example, for a person suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure, the healing message may encourage the reader to let go to relieve stress or tension and thereby cure hypertension. These "cards" also may be viewed virtually through Internet websites.

Some healing cards are designed to maintain a balanced life. The cards may offer words of wisdom and give the user ways to apply the words of wisdom to his or her everyday life. These healing cards can often deal with general concerns, such as grief or even empowerment. In most cases, they are designed to help the user become stronger mentally or spiritually.

Many kinds of healing cards offer only positive messages. These cards are meant to be used repeatedly. By shuffling the deck of cards and selecting a card at random, the user may hope to pick the message that he or she is destined to select. In some cases, the user is encouraged to place his or her positive affirmation healing card in a place where it can be seen frequently.

Some healing cards have negative messages, however. Often, these messages are designed to bring forth old, forgotten memories. The thought behind these cards is that by unearthing old injuries, they can be addressed in a healthful way. People who use these cards believe that if they can work through negative events in their pasts, they can be healed and move forward.

Many people do not believe that healing cards work. Others claim that they are simple a way for the mind to think positively and powerfully, working to overcome life events. There also have been some reports of the cards being used to take advantage of victims. For example, if a community suffered a loss from a terrible fire, the cards may be sold to those victims, even if the victims may not ordinarily believe the cards would work.

Dee S.
Dee S.

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