What are Headlight Covers?

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Headlight covers are durable coverings designed to protect the headlights of motor vehicles from damage while on the road. Available in several different sizes and designs such as GTS and AVS, it is possible to purchase headlight covers to fit just about any type of truck or auto headlights. The covers generally can be installed with ease and be removed for cleaning with little or no effort.

While the exact structure for a headlight cover will vary from one manufacturer to another, just about all car accessories of this type share a few basic characteristics. First, the covers are designed to fit snugly over the car lights. While some designs may require adhesives or even screws as part of the installation process, many of the cover designs rely on configuring the facing of the cover so that the sides of the device grasp the headlight securely, not unlike the way a baseball cap fits snugly on the head of the wearer.


Another common trait of headlight covers is that the devices are able to tolerate a great deal of abuse and still provide protection to the lights. Usually made with high-density polymers that resist scratching, the covers are capable of successfully protecting the headlights from bug splatters, gravel and mud, and even small objects falling off the backs of trucks into running traffic. The strength of the covers allows them to hold up well even during long road trips where there is a greater chance for damage from flying debris.

Headlight covers also clean with relative ease. Detaching the covers for cleaning usually requires nothing more than snapping the device from its position, and washing with soap and water. Stronger cleansers can be used in the event the cover is spattered with tar or is covered with bug splatters. Once the cover is clean and dried, it is snapped back into place around the headlights and is ready for more road trips.

Purchasing headlight covers is a relatively easy task. A number of different designs are available to fit varying sizes and shapes of headlight panels. Many retail outlets that sell car parts will have several types of headlight covers in stock, and can usually order additional covers if the right types are not in stock. While headlight covers are not excessively expensive, they do tend to cost at least as much as a standard headlight and often a little more. However, the covers will easily pay for themselves by protecting the headlights from damage and thus extending the life of the light.


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