What Are Hair Trimmers?

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Hair trimmers are grooming implements used for various cosmetic purposes. Some hair trimmers are designed for trimming nose and ear hair. These types of hair trimmers are generally battery operated, lightweight, and portable. A beard hair trimmer is a grooming tool used for refining a man's beard or mustache. Some hair trimmers may be used on the face, neck, chest, and back.

All-in-one hair groomers are capable of trimming fine facial hair, or trimming away stray hairs on the back of the neck. These hair trimmers are often used by men who wish to trim excess hair from various areas of the body. Many hair grooming devices run on rechargeable batteries. Some professional hair trimmers also feature pivoting heads for trimming hard-to-reach areas. A hair trimmer may also be used in the shower if it is designed with a water-resistant covering.

Body hair trimmers often include attachments. Various-sized combs are commonly used with a body hair trimmer. Some men prefer the defined look and neat appearance that hair trimmers provide, and use them as part of routine maintenance. Using these tools for routine grooming is sometimes referred to as manscaping.


A nose and ear hair trimmer is much smaller and weighs less than most all-in-one groomers. These battery-powered grooming tools may be used by both men and women. Nose hair groomers are safer to use than tweezers, which are more likely to cause injury and nosebleeds. These implements may also be used for trimming eyebrows.

Many companies that manufacture electronic products also make hair trimmers. A hair trimmer may be made with plastic casing or constructed of durable stainless steel. Most models feature non-replaceable blades. A hair grooming tool may also feature an illuminated angled head.

Beard trimmers are used for defining a beard, mustache, or sideburns. An electric shaver may not provide the precision of a beard trimmer, which is capable of reaching the contours of the face and jawline. Beard trimmers can also trim away unwanted hair from the neck. Most beard trimmers are made to trim various lengths of facial hair, although some models are designed for short or long beards only.

Some home barber kits are designed as a hair clipper and trimmer combined. The various attachment tools often included are designed for simple haircuts. The home barber kits generally work best for trimming short hair styles. Many parents use home haircut clippers for trimming their children's hair as well.


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A few years ago I got my dad one of those cordless hair trimmers for his birthday. He really likes it, because it has several settings and is way easier to use than one that has to be plugged into one place.

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I have a couple of male friends who tend to keep their hair very short, almost bald. One simply uses a razor, but the other relies on his hair trimmer. He likes that he has a little more control than with most razors, and thinks the overall look is more polished. It definitely looks different from if he just shaved it off.

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