What are Grill Thermometers?

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Grill thermometers are cooking tools that are used take the temperature of the surface of a grill to ensure that the cooking temperature is at the right level for the kind of food that is being grilled. Many people who like to grill have learned that there are specific temperatures that are perfect for the grilling of certain cuts of meat such as steaks. In order to make sure that the grill is at exactly the right temperature and that the cut of meat will be cooked perfectly, a grill thermometer can be used. It is important to used a grill thermometer because other types of thermometers are often inadequate to measure the high temperatures that occur on the surface of a hot grill.

There is some variation in the temperature range of grill thermometers. A common range starts at 100 or 200 degrees Fahrenheit (about 38 or 93 degrees Celsius) and can detect a maximum heat of about 800 degrees Fahrenheit (about 427 degrees Celsius). These types of grill thermometers that measure the surface temperature often clip to the surface of the grill or stay in place via the force of magnets built into the thermometers.


There are other types of grill thermometers that are used to take the internal temperature of different cuts of meat while they are being grilled. For example, there are grilled thermometers that are calibrated to test the temperature of poultry and others that are calibrated for cuts of red meat. These kinds of grill thermometers are often sold in packs that include thermometers for meat, poultry, and pork. They have needles that are inserted into the cuts of meat where the temperature is taken.

Some grills come with grill thermometers built in to them. The thermometer is often located on the outside of the grill so that the hood does not have to be lifted in order to check the surface temperature. This is quite useful as the temperature inside of the grill as well as the surface temperature drops every time the hood is lifted. Some people who have such grills still own detachable surface thermometers for times when they are grilling away from home at a park or while camping. For those who are serious about grilling and also happen to love gadgets, there are even remote grill thermometers that allow grillers to check the temperature of their grill even when they are in another part of the yard or house.


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