What Are Green Coffee Side Effects?

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Green coffee side effects are generally minimal, and they are similar to those caused by other caffeinated beverages, including dizziness, rapid heart rate, blood glucose changes, and jitters. These are most common in those who have a sensitivity to caffeine or those who consume coffee in high doses. The long-term green coffee side effects for pregnant women or people with certain health conditions has not been firmly established.

The use of green coffee dates back thousands of years. It has been used to create beverages such as wine and traditional coffee, and it was once used as a source of food. Green coffee is the same type commonly consumed in coffee drinks, but the beans are not roasted. The extracts are commonly used to promote weight loss and for their high antioxidant content.

For most people, green coffee side effects are minimal or non-existent when taken in the appropriate doses. Those with a sensitivity to caffeine may become jittery or experience heart palpitations. These symptoms are generally short lived and resolve on their own. Those who are unsure of their caffeine tolerance level should begin by taking a very low dose of green coffee supplement and then slowly increasing their daily dose to the maximum recommended amount.


Those with heart conditions, kidney failure, or liver disease should speak with a doctor before using green coffee. The green coffee side effects on these patients has not been established. Although pregnant women are generally permitted to drink a certain level of caffeine per day, but the maximum daily dose of green coffee is not known for these women, so they should avoid taking it or discuss a daily limit with their doctors.

Diabetics should also use caution when taking green coffee, as blood glucose changes my occur. Those who have hypoglycemia may be most at risk for green coffee side effects. If blood sugar is not properly controlled taking green coffee could result in serious complications. Patients should speak with a doctor before taking any new dietary supplement for any reason.

The use of green coffee with other medications has not been fully studied. Most times, there should not be adverse reactions, but this is not always the case. Those who are currently taking any prescription or over the counter drug should seek medical guidance before using green tea extract.


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Post 10

I only took one pill for two days and I have been having heart problems since. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Post 8

I've been wondering about the affect on bleeding as well. Several websites say it may exacerbate bleeding tendencies. I wonder if this is because of the effect on the blood vessels or an effect on platelets and clotting. If anyone knows of studies of green coffee, chlorogenic acid or the other components on blood clotting, please post.

Post 7

I took it for weight loss and only lost three pounds but it caused me to start spotting while wiping! It lasted as long as I took the pills, and the spotting stopped when the pills stopped. I waited a month and started taking again and once again I started spotting again.

Post 6

Can I dissolve a capsule? They are too big for me to swallow.

Post 5

I had a few side effects at first, but after I increased my intake of water and now only take a capsule before lunch (never before dinner or I can't sleep), I feel so much better. I've lost about six pounds in two weeks and don't take it in the morning so I can still have my coffee. I have had no side effects since I stopped taking it late in the day.

Post 4

I have just started having nose bleeds and I am taking green coffee bean extract. Please let me know if you find anything else out. I have a doctor's appointment today.

Post 3

I was taking it for two months, not even every day. But a day after not taking it, I drank a red bull and then I went to the hospital because I thought I was going to die of a heart attack! Anyway, be careful. The beans worked great for me. I'm scared to start taking them again though.

Post 2

If I have hypoglycemia, how could I counteract the effects?

Post 1

I've been taking green coffee capsules for more than a month and I'm not sure if it is a coincidence or not, but my blood pressure was up and just this week, I've been suffering from bad nose bleeds. Has anyone ever heard of this after taking the green coffee beans extract?

My doctor said that she's seen a few patients who are taking this and are having a problem with high blood pressure, but she did not tell me not to take it, because I am sure she is not sure about this stuff.

Did you ever hear of anyone else complaining of this problem? I want to start to take it again but I will wait until next week. I want to lose weight, but not if it will make me sick. What is your opinion? -- Angela

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