What Are Grapefruit Perfumes?

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Grapefruit perfumes are classified as perfumes that are derived from grapefruit extracts, oils, and liquids. These types of perfumes are popular among people who enjoy the smell and taste of the citrus fruit. There is even the belief that wearing the perfume can help people lose weight by curbing the appetite, but there is not enough scientific evidence to promote grapefruit scent as an effective weight loss method.

There are different types of grapefruit perfumes with varying levels of scents. The strongest scents tend to be associated with essential oils derived from grapefruits. Such oils are often used to treat external wounds, but can also be applied to the skin for the scent. Grapefruit oils can also be mixed with other types of oils to create a different perfume.

Grapefruit seed extracts are tinctures of the grapefruit. The extract is usually made out of the pulp of the fruit. Grapefruit seed extracts are arguably synthetic, because different chemicals are generally combined with the pulp to bring out the scents. Grapefruit perfumes made out of the seed extracts tend to be less fragrant than oils, however, due to the fact that other ingredients are added.


Other types of grapefruit perfumes on the market have traces of grapefruit liquids. Such products often have the word “grapefruit” in the title, but the fruit might be one of the last ingredients listed on the bottle. These grapefruit perfumes are best suited for wearers who want a light to subtle grapefruit fragrance. Avid grapefruit scent lovers might consider an oil, or a perfume made out of grapefruit seed extract instead.

The grapefruit is generally the strongest-tasting fruit in the citrus family. Unlike oranges, a grapefruit can have an underlying bitter taste to it. In fact, some people sprinkle sugar or artificial sweeteners on the fruit to sweeten the taste. Weight loss hopefuls sometimes incorporate grapefruit into their diets because the strong taste tends to curb the appetite. In fact, there is even a grapefruit diet that focuses on the fruit as the primary food during the course of the program.

Appetite-suppressing effects of the grapefruit have led some to believe that the mere scent of the fruit can decrease the amount of food eaten in a given day. This may work to some degree, but effective weight loss generally relies on cutting portions, a healthy diet, and regular exercise. It is wise for a weight loss hopeful to incorporate different lifestyle changes in conjunction with wearing grapefruit perfumes.


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