What are Gorditas?

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Gorditas are a thin snacking bread of Hispanic origin that is often prepared by using cornmeal as the base ingredient. The bread can be used to prepare a number of different type of dishes, including open faced sandwiches, wraps, and thin meat and cheese sandwich sections. Here is some information on how gorditas are made, as well as some suggestions for how to incorporate gorditas into your meals.

Just like the corn tortilla and other masa based breads, gorditas are made using cornmeal. The masa or corn meal dough is created by adding water and then shaped into a round section that is roughly four inches in diameter and no more than one half inch thick. Essentially, the gordita will resemble a thick tortilla. Raw gorditas are placed on a griddle or in a skillet, allowing just enough time to brown the exterior before flipping the cakes over to brown the other side. If the plan is to split the gorditas to use as sandwich bread, remove them from the heat before the sides are completely done.


Once the gorditas are cooked, there are a number of ways to serve them. For a quick snack, gorditas may be topped with cheese, olives, and cooked meats, and placed in a toaster oven to allow the cheese to melt. The result is a mini-pizza that can be cut into sections. An alternative to this approach is to top gorditas with scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon to create a tasty quick breakfast.

As a wrap, it is possible to use just about anything with gorditas. An easy recipe is to spread a thin layer of refried beans on one side of the gordita, then top with cooked ground beef and sausage, then black olives, and a dash of chunky salsa. Roll the gorditas into a wrap and bake for a few minutes, adding grated cheese to melt on the exterior. Served with a green salad, the wraps are both filling and tasty.

Gorditas are also excellent ways to produce both hot and cold sandwiches with just a little bread used. Split one gordita, beginning on one edge and working to the opposite edge, in order to make two thin slices. Spread your favorite sandwich ingredients on one slice, then top with the remaining slice. Gorditas are a good option for anyone who is looking for alternatives to bread made with bleached flour. Gorditas have both taste and texture that will satisfy.

For pocket sandwiches, cut the gordita into two pieces, then use a knife to open up the middle section of each. Stuff with your favorite sandwich fixings. Gorditas work just as well as pita pocket bread and help to add a bit of extra flavor as well.


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FYI - I think this may be a regional dish. Maybe even tex-mex. I have seen many gordita recipes that say to fry the gordita... I have never seen or heard of putting chili paste in the masa... ewwww.

The gorditas grandmother is from Guadalajara. They were not made with corn, but wheat flour. They were not thin, but thick; hence the name. They were about 3 inches around & about 1.5 inches thick. They are made like a flour tortillas, but are only rolled to about 3 inches around. They are then cooked on a comal or griddle and then can be baked so they rise. They can be sliced open on one side and stuffed with beans and

cheese and then baked so they puff up and the cheese melts. They were not topped with anything only stuffed.

What you describe sounds like chopes my husband's family (Durango MX) make. I had never heard of them. They are a thick corn small tortilla with pinched raised edges cooked on a comal and topped with butter, salt, bacon or chorizo, etc. Regards, Jennifer in California

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