What are Good Sources of Epilepsy Support?

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Epilepsy is not an uncommon condition, and according to the Epilepsy Support Centre, the disease affects one out of every 100 people around the world. Individuals who suffer from epilepsy may find themselves coping with uncontrolled seizures that affect their quality of life. Some epileptics become constricted in the types of activities that they can do because of the disease. Feeling overwhelmed by the disease can lead to anxiety, frustration and depression, but there are places where a person can find epilepsy support. Good epilepsy support can help an individual better cope with the condition.

In some cases, an epileptic’s ability to go beyond his or her home for support is limited due to the disease. Some epileptics cannot drive because of the condition. Epileptics who don't have transportation to attend other support groups can find support from the comfort of their home if they have an Internet connection and computer.

Patients can obtain epilepsy support from Internet forums. There are hundreds of Internet forums specifically designed for individuals and family members that cope with epilepsy. In an epilepsy forum, individuals can discuss subjects such as seizures, medications and their experiences with other epileptic sufferers.


Epilepsy sufferers can also obtain support from the wide range of charities and foundations that help people with epilepsy. In most cases, charities and foundations focus on educating people about epilepsy through information. By promoting epilepsy awareness and providing education regarding epilepsy, charities and foundations help to dispel many of the misconceptions regarding the condition. Most charities and foundations offer epilepsy support in the form of volunteer opportunities, counseling services, and epilepsy awareness events.

Those seeking epilepsy support should also consider finding a counselor whom they like and feel comfortable with. Some epilepsy foundations offer appointments with a counselor to help a person explore any issues pertaining to the condition. Counseling sessions provide a person with a nonjudgmental environmental to share thoughts and feelings. Trained counselors can also provide an epileptic with the resources and support needed to deal with difficulties surrounding the condition.

Epilepsy sufferers should never underestimate the value in having loving friends and family. Many epileptic sufferers get the emotional support and encouragement needed to cope with epilepsy by confiding in friends and family. It's vital that friends and family members are thoroughly educated about the condition so that they can better understand what the individual is going through.


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