What are Germanium Health Bracelets?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Understood to draw on the power of magnetism, the germanium health bracelet is considered to be a means of alleviating a number of bodily aches and pains. As part of a line of germanium therapy products, the bracelets are supposed to be especially effective in protecting the body from invisible radiation that is emanated from many modern devices. Along with providing protection, some proponents of these bracelets also claim they can help heal damage that has already been done by radiation exposure.

A germanium health bracelet, believed to relieve muscle pain and arthritis stiffness.
A germanium health bracelet, believed to relieve muscle pain and arthritis stiffness.

In design, germanium bracelets may be as simple or complex as the wearer would like. Some designs involve titanium bracelets that are studded with germanium elements. There are versions of the bracelet that are designed specifically for men, while others are designed for women. The bracelets are generally considered to be attractive enough to be worn with formal dress as well as with more casual clothing.

The concept behind germanium health bracelets is to restore a balance to the magnetic field around the individual. Purportedly, exposure to a number of devices, such as cell phones and other forms of wireless technology, degrade this field. Germanium bracelets are equipped with both a positive and negative pole that works to counteract the imbalance created by emissions from these sources, and therefore reduce the harmful effects of modern living.

Along with providing protection for the individual wearing it, a germanium bracelet is also understood to help with a number of ailments. Chief among the claims is that it can alleviate the pain associated with muscle strains and sprains, and may also help with the stiffness associated with arthritis. While there is no solid body of scientific evidence that these bracelets actually work, there is a wide range of anecdotal testimonials made by people who wear the devices. With many designs available at affordable prices, some may enjoy germanium health bracelets for their simple beauty.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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Please don't fall prey to this fake bracelet scam. The placebo effect is definitely a known mental effect, but not the bracelet.


I hard about the benefits of wearing a germanium magnetic bracelet, but O was skeptical about it and thought only a pill or injection would work, but my pains were not relieved by medications.

I bought one and gave it a try. My migraine was gone and my frozen shoulder due to arthritis was healed (it is now painless and moves easily). That did not take more than two hours after wearing my new Artesian germanium necklace. They are made in Australia. I am so glad I bought one. Give it a try - highly recommended.


Coming from a physician family (father, brother and husband), I've always relied on western treatments to battle years of migraine (and migraine induced headaches, nausea, indigestion) and wrist pains from years of strenuous exercise. I realized the medicines were huge drawbacks to my health, so I flew to Hokkaido, Japan last year to get a week-long natural hot springs therapy and to purchase a germanium necklace that other sufferers swore by.

The necklace was made in Hokkaido, Japan with germanium found from the local mountains. The price tag was $500 USD. I thought it was a lot of money to spend on something that may not work, but I couldn't pass up on the possibilities. When would I ever return to Japan? I took the plunge and dropped the $400 for a rather gaudy looking piece which was just long enough to drop past my collarbone and hide under my shirt.

Flash forward to now, one year later, and my wrist pains have vanished. I haven't had a single migraine or even a headache, which was a constant in my life before I put on this necklace. A few days ago, I went to get a facial and took off the necklace. I forgot to put it back on. The next day, I began to feel a slight headache. I was confused and didn't know why. Then I realized I had forgotten to put my necklace on from the day before. I put it back on, and within 30 minutes, the headache was gone.

The only word of caution is that there are many fakes out there. My necklace was certified in Japan by the doctor and manufacturer who sold it to me. It is approximately 17 inches long, and if you turn over the necklace inside and out, you can see the tiny beads of germanium encased all around the length of the necklace about 1/3 inch apart to ensure contact with my skin at all times. Also, when the necklace is around my neck, it is always very warm to the touch and maintains that temperature at all times.

I cannot live without this necklace. And I was a true skeptic. I used to roll my eyes at people who told me about such devices. So think what you want, but I was once that way, and I now realized what I had missed out on because of my judgmental ways.


It is easy to discredit without evidence. I didn't believe at first, but I have tested it myself and it has helped significantly with my back pain. So please test it and judge yourself. There will be skeptics and believers, but don't trust either. Trust your body and yourself.


My 80 year old mother has arthritis in her wrist that made it very painful for her to move her wrist. After wearing a bracelet for two weeks, she was able to move her wrist without pain. I tried the same bracelet. I was having wrist problems for eight months due to bowling. I had to wrap my wrist tightly with athletic tape in order to continue bowling, and even with the tape I had some pain. After a week of wearing the bracelet, I was able to bowl without tape and without pain. I did not expect the bracelet to do anything. I had my roll of tape with me, expecting to need to tape up my wrist after a couple of frames. But I was able to bowl all 3 games without pain. I did have some minor soreness the next day, but even that subsided in a day.

I have found out, after the fact, that it was a germanium bracelet. I will be testing it out on one of my two arthritic ankles (among my other ankle problems) around the end of the year to see if it can help elsewhere. I'm quite shocked that the pain in my wrist disappeared. Without the bracelet, my mother's wrist pain and stiffness has started to return (after one week).


Germanium is neither toxic nor magnetic. It is used in semiconductors for its useful properties in thermal imaging and infrared devices. It costs about $1600/kg, so you are definitely not buying pure germanium.

These bracelets are a tax on the stupid.


Two words: placebo effect.


According to info I read, germanium is a dangerous chemical, causing many illnesses and health issues. Are these necklaces and bracelets safe if they are being worn against the skin day after day?


Can this bracelet be used daily and permanently without taking it off when you take showers?


Please advise me how to identify a genuine so called Titanium germanium bracelet promoted by nano excel. Demo people said its something of super power stimulant and so on.


Don't fall victim to this false claims! What you saw online with demonstrations on magnetic bracelets, scalar energy pendants, or even germanium pendants that will increase your strength is pure hoax. Boy scouts are doing those tests as team building exercises; it's all physics.

Germanium was discovered primarily as semi-conductors for electronic transistors, germanium tetrahydride was used for supplement to be taken internally. But not by placing it in bracelets and making claims that your strength will increase by demonstrating it. Try doing the demo by chewing gum, it works too. It's all physics. Don't be fooled! Be observant.


How can I verify a genuine germanium bracelet or not because nanoxcel company is selling a germanium bracelet. Please give reply earliest.


Where can I find a legitimate supplier for germanium bracelets?


They can copy the stone but not the power,and to test its power, once it touches your skin you strength will go up to 30 to 40 percent.


This is common in the Philippines too. We can find people said to be doctors and they now use the GE method to cure patients and no medicines advisable according to them. They say this is an invention of NASA and cost more than 200USD. But no way to check its genuininess.


Germanium bracelets have been a big boom in Japan. However, there are no scientific evidence to support their health claims. In fact, one of Japanese Government agency for wellbeing of citizens tested 12 bracelets from various vendors and they concluded that 8 out of 12 had purity of less than 1% (99% non-Ge) and few that had 96-99% range were expensive. Also, they have noted that some of the makers were making claims that were against Japanese Drug Laws (comparable to FDA standards in US), thus prosecution followed. I can see here similar claims being made, which I personally advise to review and reconsider before any complication with FDA begins.


Many manufacturers include documentation with their products that will detail if anything other than germanium is used in the design of the bracelet. If no paperwork is included and the manufacturer is somewhat evasive about confirming the bracelet is really and truly germanium, take that as a sign and look for another bracelet made by another manufacturer.


Dear Sir, How can I verify that a germanium product is genuine germanium? In other word, how can I be sure that a product that claims to be germanium is not just any ordinary alloy metal?

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