What are Garden Spinners?

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Garden spinners are lawn and garden decorations that incorporate a variety of designs and mechanisms, which are designed to spin in various ways when they are blown by the wind. They can either be crafted individually by hobbyists or mass produced. They are sold through a wide variety of means, such as online stores and craft shows. Garden spinners can be shaped like common objects, they can be abstract, or they can be a combination, and the possibilities are limitless.

A common example of a garden spinner is a small replica of a windmill. The blades of the windmill are made so that they can spin when the wind blows on them. A spinner like this is usually small enough that it can be picked up by hand, but some can be large enough that they need to be transported by two or more people. Spikes are often present on the base so the windmill can be placed securely into the ground. This, of course, is only one example out of a limitless variety of possibilities of garden spinners.


Some spinners, like the windmill, are versions of realistic objects, while others are abstract art. Some can be a combination of these. A popular style of garden spinner uses a sports team's logo in its design, and can be placed in a garden or on a lawn to show support for the team that it represents. The spinning devices will most usually spin in the same style as a windmill, rotating in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

"Pinwheel" styles of garden spinners consist of a rod, which can be stuck directly into the ground, and the spinner, which is usually very colorful, especially when spinning. These are typically sold so that they are ready to be used immediately. However, many are sold as kits that are made to be put together as a project.

Another popular variation of garden spinner can hang, rather than be stuck into the ground. These are often abstract in style and can spin around a vertical axis, like a carousel. A popular shape for this style of garden spinner is that of a spiral helix, and the shapes can be even more complex and unique. These are often manufactured with shiny materials, such as metal, which are designed to glimmer vibrantly when spinning in the sun.

Animal and flower shapes are also popularly used in the designs of garden spinners. Some common shapes of animals that are used for garden spinners are ducks, flamingos, butterflies, and more, even including some flightless animals. Typically, the wings or tail of the animal act as the spinning part of the decor, but a designer can be as creative as he or she wants.

Many craftspeople and hobbyists design and make their own garden spinners, either to sell or to use for themselves. These styles can be found at craft shows and craft stores, both online and otherwise. The sky is practically the limit when it comes to the design of a garden spinner.


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