What are Fuzzy Slippers?

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Fuzzy slippers are a type of soft and lightweight footwear. Often made of fur, these slippers are made to keep cold feet warm and can sometimes feature cute or fun designs. Usually meant for wear indoors, fuzzy slippers are made of lightweight material and slip or slide on and off of the foot. They come in many different materials and are made as men’s slippers and women’s slippers. Sometimes called house shoes, they are common accessories with pajamas and robes, and make fun accessories for colorful outfits.

Like most other slippers, fuzzy slippers are generally for indoor wear. They usually feature a padded sole, with extra rubber at the bottom of the foot. The rubber keeps the foot insulated from the cold ground, and the fur keeps the foot warm from cold air. They are most commonly made in low-heel varieties, allowing for easy access right out of bed or out of the shower, though mid- and high-heel types are also available. The higher heel keeps the back of the foot warm and keeps the slipper on the foot. Some fuzzy slippers are even accompanied by a sock attached all the way to the calf.


Like other slippers, fuzzy slippers are made of a variety of materials, including fur, suede, leather, terrycloth, cotton, sheepskin, or knitted sweater fabrics. They can be made of smooth fur and look much like normal slippers, or have long curls of fur and cloth and make for feathery footwear. With long strands of fur, you may track strands of colored fur around the house as the slippers get old and start to shed.

Fuzzy slippers make fun and cute holiday and birthday presents, and are worn by all ages. Many children will wear fuzzy slippers with different colors and characters. The most exuberant slippers feature large character heads on the front of the toe, or different colors, designs and accessories. Some other types of slippers are made to represent different sports teams and different hobbies, with logos or bats and balls on the front and the sides.

Fuzzy slippers in themed varieties can match with pajama bottoms and tops to make sleeping outfits, or can combine with team socks or tee shirts to give a full fan look. Some fuzzy slippers are even made for outdoor use, with firm padding on the bottom, and extra rubber or leather insulation on the outside to resist the elements.


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Post 4

All of my nieces got pink fuzzy slippers with some kind of princess character on them for Christmas one year. These slippers matched some warm, comfortable pajamas.

They all looked so cozy and warm that I almost wished I had bought some for myself. I don't have pink slippers, but I do have a pair of sheepskin fuzzy slippers that I wear a lot.

It seems like my toes are cold all winter and just wearing a pair of socks isn't enough to keep them warm. I like wearing a warm pair of slippers over my socks.

It seems like a go through at least one pair of slippers every winter because I wear them all season long. Fuzzy slippers are always fun to buy and wear.

Post 3

I don't think a day goes by in the winter when I am not wearing my fuzzy slippers. They are the first thing I put on when I come in the door from work.

On weekends I wear them around the house to keep my feet warm. My friends and I will even bring our slippers with us when we go to each others houses in the winter.

There are so many styles of women's fuzzy slippers that it can be hard to choose a favorite.

I always make sure mine have a rubber sole on the bottom. I have even walked outside to get the mail or newspaper with my slippers on as long as there isn't any snow on the ground.

Post 2

@manykitties2 – I would get your mom something that matches her style. While fuzzy bunny slippers are really cute, are they appropriate for someone who is older?

My mom has a pretty good sense of humor so I wouldn't see the issue of getting them for her, but if your mom is more traditional it is best to stick with something simple like the flip flop slippers.

You could actually go all out and get her a nice bathrobe and slipper set at the department store and I am sure she would love it. A lot of the sales clerks in the stores really know their stuff so you can always ask them for advice.

Post 1

I've been looking for the perfect gift for my mom and I think that some women's fuzzy slippers may be the way to go. I just need some help deciding what would be best.

My mom is a bit older so I am wondering if it would be OK to get her fuzzy bunny slippers, or something more traditional like fuzzy flip flop slippers?

I really want her to have something comfortable and cute that she will actually wear.

I have my own big fuzzy slippers that I use during the winter and they look like cat paws. I really think they're cute.

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