What Are Fused Hair Extensions?

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Fused hair extensions are hair extensions that are fused on to the natural hair using one of two methods, the hot fusion method or the cold fusion method. Fusion hair extensions are performed for aesthetic reasons to add volume and length to the existing hair, and it is important to get the procedure done by a certified and experienced hair stylist. Professional hair extensions can generally last for a period of three to six months, and some amount of maintenance and tightening may be required in this duration.

The hair stylist will first examine your hair and advise regarding which fusion hair extension method will suit you. Depending on the method used, getting hair extensions can be a quick or somewhat tedious procedure. The bonding used in both cases is generally transparent and not obvious.

In the hot fusion method, hot glue is used to fuse the hair extensions to the natural hair strand. The glue is heated to a specific temperature and then applied using a glue gun. This procedure is done section by section, and can take up to 16 hours for completion. It needs to be carried out with utmost care to avoid burning or irritating the scalp.


The cold fusion method is gentler on the hair and the scalp, and works well for fine hair. Instead of hot glue and heat, a keratin-based polymer binder is used to attach on the hair extensions. This results in more natural looking hair. These extensions are generally good for about six months.

Since natural hair will continue to grow at its normal rate, the hair extensions will have to be adjusted and tightened accordingly. It is a good idea to ask the hair stylist about these and other maintenance requirements at the time of getting fused hair extensions. It is generally possible to shampoo and style the extensions like regular hair.

Most hair stylists advice against wearing fused hair extensions for longer than six months as there is chance this may damage the natural hair. It is also important to remove the hair extensions with care. At the time of removal, it may seem as if a lot of the natural hair comes off with the extensions; this hair loss is actually the hair that is shed normally on a daily basis, but which hadn't fallen out as usual due to the presence of the hair extensions. It shouldn't be a matter of worry.


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Post 4

Is it normal if a single extension hair follicle falls out regularly?

Post 3

I've had good experiences with the fusion methods. If one works with an experienced stylist and if the extensions are applied correctly, fused hair extensions don't cause much damage. Plus they look beautiful, and last a very long time.

Post 2
@turkay1-- The cold fusion method causes slightly less damage than the hot fusion method, but it still causes damage. At least that was my experience with them.

The binder that fuses the hair -- regardless of whether it's keratin binder, glue or micro-loops -- crush hair and tend to pull on the roots. You will have some hair damage and will probably lose some hair when they're being taken out.

I lost a lot of hair when I had my extensions removed. Unfortunately, this is the reality. The type of extensions that cause the least damage are clip-on extensions.

Post 1

I've heard that the hot fusion method will damage hair and is also difficult to remove. Is this always the case because it seems to be the most popular method of fusing hair extensions.

Should I ask for the cold fusion method when I have extensions put in?

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