What are Forearm Forklift Straps?

Lori Kilchermann

Forearm forklift straps are pieces of nylon material that are worn over the forearms of a person who is going to move a heavy item. A portion of the straps are placed around or under the object to be moved and the wearer simply uses their forearms to lift the object and carry it. The forearm forklift straps utilize the laws of leverage to aid the wearer in lifting heavy objects. The arms work in the same manner as the forks on a forklift truck, allowing the lifter to balance the weight of the load more toward the core of the body.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

By placing the weight of an object closer toward the body's center or core, the person is able to steadily lift and move objects much greater in weight than when lifting without the aid of the forearm forklift straps. When moving an oversize object such as a large chest of drawers, the forearm forklift straps are used at each end by two people. The object is easily picked up and moved by the duo, and the straps make the object feel much lighter than it actually is.

The benefits of using forearm forklift straps over conventional methods of furniture moving are great. The forearm forklift straps promote proper lifting techniques by ensuring the wearer bends at the knees instead of at the back when lifting. Using the straps also prevents damage to floors and stairs, which is typically a problem when using a dolly or cart. Also, there is no need to strap the furniture down when using the forearm forklift straps since the straps hold the furniture tightly to the mover's body.

The soft material of the straps prevents nicks and scrapes to the object being moved. There are no hard surfaces to rub against the furniture as opposed to moving carts and dollies. Perhaps best of all, when moving with a truck or trailer, there is no need to leave room for packing the moving equipment. The forearm forklift straps can simply be folded and tucked in between pieces of furniture or tossed on top of the load. The padded cuffs prevent injury to the arms and provide a comfortable fit to any size arm. Forearm forklift straps make moving a much less painful experience. By reducing the lifting effort by as much as 66 percent, the straps help eliminate the tired and aching muscles usually equated with a moving job.

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