What Are Folding Stools?

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Folding stools are foldable units of furniture that are portable and very often lightweight. They can be used for sitting, or they can be used as stepstools that allow a user to reach a high shelf or location within the home, office, or other setting. These folding stools feature pivoting legs that are set wide apart when in use, and fold up flat when not in use. This makes transporting the unit much easier, and it also makes storage much more efficient when the unit is not in use. Some stools are designed specifically for home use, while others are made for camping use, office use, or industrial use.

Counter-height folding stools are much taller than small, portable stools. They are tall enough to accommodate a tall table or counter, or even a bar. These stools are perfect for events, home use, or temporary use for parties and gatherings. The legs are much longer, though they still fold up enough to be stored easily. The seat of such stools may or may not be upholstered and padded; this is a matter of preference, though the price will often go up if upholstery is included on the unit.


Some folding stools are not meant for sitting at all. They are known as stepstools, and they more closely resemble miniature ladders. A stepstool may feature one or two platforms on which a user can step up, though some step stools feature three or more steps or platforms. These units fold up very small as well, though they tend to be heavier duty than other types of stools, since they are commonly used for heavy-duty applications. Electricians, painters, and carpenters, for example, may use such stools when working within a home or other setting.

Folding stools designed for camping are extremely lightweight. The frame of the stool is usually made from lightweight aluminum, which is rigid enough to support a fair amount of weight but not heavy enough to be burdensome. The seat may be made of canvas or a lighter synthetic material such as nylon. These folding stools are usually very packable and lightweight so they can be carried over longer distances on hikes or backpacking trips. There are wooden versions available as well; these tend to be more attractive and just as strong if not stronger than aluminum models, but they are also heavier and therefore not always suitable for longer hikes.


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