What are Floor Aerobics?

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Floor aerobics are a kind of aerobics that are generally performed using no equipment whatsoever. While water aerobics require the use of belts and floating resistance devices, kickboxing aerobics requires a punching bag and gloves, and step aerobics requires a step aerobics bench, floor aerobics really only requires a firm, steady surface on which to practice the moves. In other words, the only piece of equipment needed to perform floor aerobics is a floor.

It is very common for these aerobics to use circuits of dance-like motions to get the heart rate up, burn calories, and offer a bit of muscle strengthening. Most routines are performed to upbeat music and the steps follow the beats of the songs. Although the term may be a bit confusing, this kind of aerobic workout is not primarily performed lying or sitting on the floor. Although some exercises may include movements that require sitting or lying on the floor, these are not the defining movements of floor aerobics.

There are many ways to perform this kind of aerobic exercise. There are lots of gym and fitness centers that offer classes in aerobics. These classes may be organized according to intensity, with levels for beginners and people who are just starting to lose weight, as well as levels for people who are very advanced and want to perform complicated and intense circuits and routines.


It is very common for people to perform floor aerobics at home. One of the reasons for this is that it is a great way to lose weight and stay fit and also, as mentioned above, requires very little equipment. Some television channels offer daily aerobic workouts that can be performed at home. There are also many fitness companies that sell videos and DVDs that offer instruction in floor aerobics.

The videos and DVDs for at-home aerobic exercise often include a series of workouts for beginners, those at an intermediate level, and those who are advanced aerobic exercisers. While using these sorts of videos and DVDs at home, people can move from one level to the next when their endurance and strength increases and they are ready for a new level of intensity. Performing these kinds of exercises while also keeping a healthy diet and avoiding excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol are great ways to lose weight, stay fit, and improve one's overall level of health.


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Post 3

@heavanet- Even though the article describes floor aerobics as only requiring the use of the floor, I think that adding some equipment definitely keeps this type of workout more interesting.

Using equipment like an aerobic step bench, an exercise ball, a jump rope, and even small hand weights will keep your floor aerobics interesting. It's a good idea to switch the equipment you use from day to day so you don't get stuck in a rut when you do your aerobic exercise regimen.

Post 2

@heavanet- Floor aerobics don't have to be boring, and you don't have to watch typical aerobic videos or listen to typical workout music. You can choose any type of entertainment that you want while doing your aerobic exercises.

I have a very busy schedule, but I still like to work out and catch up on my favorite TV shows. I often do floor aerobics while I'm watching them. If you can concentrate on working out and watching TV at the same time, this is a great way to accomplish two things at a time.

If you prefer listening to music while you do floor aerobics, you shouldn't feel like you have to do them to fast-driving sounds. Choose your favorite tunes, and customize your exercises to the beat for a workout that never gets boring.

Post 1

Based on the article, it sounds like floor aerobics are ideal for anyone who wants to get in shape and keep the pounds off. I try to stay active, but I get bored doing repetitive exercises and watching workout videos. How can I keep aerobic floor exercises new and interesting so I stick with a workout program?

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