What are Fleece Slippers?

Amy Hunter

Fleece slippers are a warm choice for cold floors. They are made of the same type of fleece that sweatshirts and pullovers are made from. They come in a variety of styles and sizes for all members of your family.

Fabric softener may change the way fleece slippers feel.
Fabric softener may change the way fleece slippers feel.

Some fleece slippers are made to slip onto your feet. They don’t have backs. These are typically very comfortable shoes and are easy to get on and off. One complaint that some people have with this style of slipper is that they are not warm enough. If your home is drafty or you keep the heat turned down, fleece slippers may not provide enough protection on the back and side of your feet. If you like slip on fleece slippers, you can eliminate this problem by wearing them with a pair of socks.

Some fleece slippers are designed to resemble socks and provide additional warmth.
Some fleece slippers are designed to resemble socks and provide additional warmth.

Fleece slippers are also available in a ballet flat style. This type of slipper envelopes the foot and keeps it warm. Some people don’t care for the pull-on style of slippers such as a ballet flat. They prefer to slip their house shoe on without using their hands.

Another complaint some people have with ballet flat slippers is that they are totally flat. If you are accustomed to wearing a shoe with some support, ballet flat slippers may not be comfortable. If you cannot walk around comfortably with bare feet, you probably cannot walk around comfortably in ballet flat slippers.

Loafer-style fleece slippers are also popular. Loafer-style slippers have the advantages of a shoe type slipper, in that they totally enclose your foot, keeping it warm. They also have the advantage of the slipper style. Their loose fit along the sides makes it easy to slip them on and off, hands free.

Fleece slippers can typically be treated like any other article of clothing. If they get dirty, they can go in the washing machine. Machine drying should be okay as well, but it always makes sense to follow the care directions on the label. Some people find that using fabric softener changes the feel of the slippers. If you don’t want to use fabric softener to your fleece slippers, consider adding a capful of vinegar to the rinse water to keep them soft and comfortable.

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I love the comfort and warmth of slippers and have several pairs, but my favorites are my slip on polar fleece slippers. Not only are they warm, but I like the convenience of being able to slip in to them without bending down.

After wearing slippers without fleece and slippers that don't have any, my first choice on cold days is always those that are lined with fleece. I don't like wearing shoes in the house, but like my feet to be warm and feel like I have some support, so I wear slippers most of the time.


I wear slippers in my house all winter long to keep my feet warm. Most of my flooring is hard wood and I only have carpet in a couple rooms, so I wear my slippers all the time.

I have found my fleece slippers to be very warm. I ordered a pair from L L Bean and they were less than $20 and have lasted me for several seasons. I like them so much that I ended up buying a pair of kids fleece slippers for each of my kids.

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