What are Fitted Wardrobes?

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Fitted wardrobes are built-in storage areas, typically closets, designed for storing clothing. Fitted wardrobes may include the walk-in closet that can accommodate apparel, accessories, and other items, or be a fitted storage closet with pull-out doors and shelves. These types of wardrobes are useful for storing more hanging clothing than typical wardrobes because of their customized design.

In many cases, a fitted wardrobe is part of a fitted bedroom, and work as an entire fitted unit. A fitted wardrobe matches the concept and style of other fitted furniture in the room, such as desks, dressers, and night tables. The fitted wardrobe is generally custom built according to specifications. Many of these wardrobe styles feature sliding doors, while some simply open outwardly and are hinged.

Other names for fitted wardrobes are built in armoires and walk-in dressing rooms. A fitted wardrobe may be multi-tiered, which means several levels of shelving or drawers may be used to hold apparel, shoes, handbags, and ties. Some of the larger varieties of fitted wardrobes have several compartments for efficiency, which minimizes space. This style of wardrobe may utilize shelving and drawers directly underneath that are the same width.


The fitted wardrobe may have shoe compartments made of steel tubing or coated plastic. Some wardrobes also have pull-down rails, making it easy to hang multiple tiers of apparel in the same amount of space that one level would hold in an ordinary closet. Many of the fitted wardrobes will also have hat racks built in.

It is not uncommon to find a fitted wardrobe in a corner of a large room. Catty-corner styles of fitted wardrobes are desirable for a room that has several pieces of furniture. In some cases, however, the corner unit will not be constructed diagonally.

A built-in wardrobe may have two sides and a finished interior. The interior may be painted to match other furniture in the room. Most will be fitted from the floor to the ceiling. This style of fitted wardrobe is typically referred to as a carcase style.

Some styles of fitted walk-in dressing rooms also feature finished floors or carpeting. Other features of custom-built wardrobes include styles for infants' and children's rooms. Wardrobes fitted for a teenager's room are another option. Wardrobes with hand-painted panels are popular with young ladies.

Many homeowners employ a contractor or manufacturer to install their fitted wardrobes. Many manufacturers who sell and install custom-made fitted wardrobes can be found through online searches. In most cases, the manufacturer will offer a warranty to protect against defects.


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