What are Facial Exercises?

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As a person ages, the skin on their face begins to sag. This can be caused by loss of muscle tone and elasticity. Facial exercises are done to prevent sagging and tighten the skin. It is often used as an alternative to costly cosmetic surgeries.

Facial muscles are attached to the body differently than other muscles. Muscles in the neck and face are attached with one end to the bone and the other end to either the skin, or another muscle. It is this connection that allows you to make facial expressions. The muscles in the rest of the body are attached only to bone. When these muscles lose their tone, usually due to age, the skin begins to sag.

Facial exercises improve sagging skin because when the muscles contract, the skin moves upwards with it. These contractions cause the muscle fibers to build up and enlarge, making the skin lose its saggy appearance. There are several types of facial exercises to improve sagging skin.

One type of exercise to tighten facial muscles involves sitting up straight in a chair and staring at the ceiling. You must hold your lips closed tightly and pretend that you are chewing. When performing this facial exercise you will feel the muscles contracting in your throat and neck, improving the muscle tone. In order to get the full benefit you should perform at least 20 repetitions.


Kissing is a great facial exercise that improves skin tone around the mouth and cheeks. Close your lips, but keep them relaxed. Lift your face towards the ceiling and pucker your lips as if you are trying to kiss it. Perform five sets of ten kisses for optimum results.

In order to improve skin tone around the jowls, you need to perform facial exercises that target that area. One such exercise involves trying to touch your chin with your tongue, while staring at the ceiling. Sit upright in a chair, preferably with a back, and stare at the ceiling. Reach for your chin with your tongue while counting to ten. Perform this exercise five times.

To improve the skin tone on your chin and around your lips, lift your head up towards the ceiling and perform this facial exercise. Try to pull your bottom lip over your top lip, as far as it will go. Hold it for five seconds, then release. Repeat five times.

A facial exercise that benefits the skin around your neck and jowls involves laying down. Position yourself on a bed with your head hanging over the edge. Pull your chin towards your chest and hold it there. You should feel the muscles tighten in your neck and jowls. Relax your head and repeat five times.

Besides improving muscle tone, facial exercises may also improve your complexion. Muscles that contract receive ten times more oxygen than those that don't. This brings more nutrients to the skin cells, causing them to rejuvenate and improve your complexion. The best part is, unlike surgery, exercise is free.


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Post 4

Smiling firmly will also help to tighten the facial muscles around the mouth. Do this exercise at least 12 times, holding each smile for the count of 10 seconds.

Post 3

I think that flexing your neck muscles are also beneficial to the muscles in the lower portion of your face. It flexes and strengthens them, potentially decreasing sagging.

This type of exercise is also easy to do. Look in a mirror and make a face like you are frowning. Do this as tightly and firmly as you can. You will be able to see your muscles tighten, and after 10 to 15 repetitions, you will feel the workout in your neck and lower face muscles. For best results, do this exercise at least twice each day, preferably morning and night.

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