What Are Eyeshadow Stickers?

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Eyeshadow stickers are eyelid-shaped pads with eyeshadow colors built in. The eyeshadow is applied by gently pressing the pad over the eyelid. Generally, the pads are good for only one use.

Colors can range from mild to wild, and some stickers impart patterns such as camouflage or tiger stripes. This kind of eyeshadow tends to have a heavy look, making it suitable for holiday makeup, theatrical makeup or high fashion looks. Despite their generally heavy application rate, some manufacturers make colors that are more subtle and suitable for everyday wear.

Eyeshadow stickers are a good product for women who find it challenging to correctly apply and blend multiple colors. This is nothing to be ashamed of, because it is not always easy to apply eyeshadow so it looks as if it were applied by a professional makeup artist. Eyeshadow stickers can help create this effect. Another advantage to eyeshadow stickers is that they are often formulated to be long-wearing or even waterproof.

Time constraints also make eyeshadow stickers useful. This makeup takes about as much time to apply as putting a sticker on a piece of paper. No additional tools are required, although the fingers or an eyeshadow brush can be used for gentle blending.


The stickers are applied by closing the eye and raising the eyebrow. Then the middle and index fingers are used to place the sticker on the eyelid. The index finger also can be used to apply light pressure across the sticker to make sure the color is applied evenly. Finally, the sticker is gently peeled back to reveal the eyeshadow.

More than one eyeshadow sticker can be used to create a more intense look. Eyeshadow stickers of different colors or patterns can be combined. This tends to create a crazy look that is suitable for parties.

It should be noted that eyeshadow stickers are not foolproof. If the actual eye is larger or smaller than the sticker, then the shadow might not fall correctly on the eye. Just like regular eyeshadow, it also might take some practice to learn how to correctly apply the stickers.

Eyeshadow stickers are made by a variety of manufacturers and can be purchased at department stores, discount stores and online. Some beauty consultants also sell them from product catalogs. Free samples might be available from some of these sources.

World Cosmetics, a U.S.-based company, patented an eyeshadow sticker in 1992, according to a company website. The product uses mineral-based eyeshadows in a variety of colors and styles. Inventor and makeup artist Irina Iosilevich came up with the idea to help her clients recreate makeup looks at home.


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