What are Eyelet Curtains?

Sheri Cyprus

Eyelet curtains have metal-edged holes at the top. These metal openings are usually silver-colored. The curtains are often floor length with soft pleats running vertically down the fabric. An eyelet curtain panel may be made of heavy or light weight fabric and may be lined with thin material.

Heavy fabrics, like faux suede, work well for fall and winter curtains.
Heavy fabrics, like faux suede, work well for fall and winter curtains.

A curtain rod may be inserted through the holes before hanging the eyelet curtains. Or, as an alternative, curtain rings can be put through each hole and then placed around the curtain rod. Either of these looks can be attractive depending on what would work best in terms of style for a particular room.

Most shower curtains are eyelet curtains.
Most shower curtains are eyelet curtains.

Eyelet curtains are often hung in two panels with one panel on each side of the window. If tie back fittings are attached to the sides of the window, the curtains can be held open and then taken out of the tie back fittings to close them. For a very large window, or sets of windows along one wall or two walls, eyelet curtain panels may be hung in pairs in the center of each window. For extra style, two different colors or two shades of the same color could be used for each set. In this type of eyelet curtain hanging, fabric tie backs may hold the panels in the middle of the window panes, and when the tie backs are undone, the curtains can be closed.

Sheer eyelet curtains in light and airy fabrics are perfect for summer and spring looks, while heavier fabrics such as faux suede and velvet fit in with fall and winter styles. The color of the curtain rod can change the look of eyelet curtains. For example, a dark colored curtain rod can make the silver-edged eyelet holes stand out even more for a striking contrast.

Eyelet curtains may also refer to lace curtain panels. Eyelet lace has openwork areas throughout the fabric. Eyelet lace curtains don't usually have eyelets for curtain rods or rings at the top, but rather are made to slide onto a narrow curtain rod. Eyelet lace cafe curtains have a top half that fits on the upper part of a window and a lower piece that hangs down from about the middle width of the window.

Some styles of eyelet hole topped curtains feature a matching valance or top section that hides the eyelets or metal-edged holes. This extra part is called an eyelet header. Eyelet shower curtains may be made of fabric or a synthetic material. Any type of shower curtain ring usually fits in the eyelet holes. Some styles of eyelet shower curtains allow a hanging rod to be inserted through the holes.

Curtains with eyelets can be easier to open and close than other types of curtains.
Curtains with eyelets can be easier to open and close than other types of curtains.

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Do eyelet curtains need a special pole, or can I just buy a standard extendible one?

How do the curtains fix to the rail to avoid movement, none of the pictures in my catalogue look as though the end eyelet is attached to anything? Many thanks!!


For those using eyelet curtains that are made of lace (the second kind mentioned in the article), I can't stress enough how important it is to get a liner if you don't want everyone to see into your house.

I used to have some unlined eyelet curtains in my street-level kitchen, and people just looked in all the time!

Never again -- from now on, all my curtains are lined.


@galen84basc -- There are a lot of articles on the web on how to make eyelet curtains, you may want to check some of them out.

I'm pretty sure that it's a little more complicated than just cutting some holes in the top -- I would assume you have to edge the holes, at least.

Are you sure you don't just want to go with ready made eyelet curtains? That sounds like it would be a lot less hassle.


Is it possible to make eyelet curtains?

I have some old fabric curtains that I'm just dying to make into eyelet curtains, but I wasn't sure how to go about it.

Should I just cut holes in the tops of the curtains, or is there something special that I need to do?

Help please!

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